Your Guide To Swing Out Garage Doors

So, you’re wondering about buying some beautiful swing out garage doors? Well, it’s the perfect style if you’re looking for something traditional to add interest to your home.  

At Calgary Garage Door Fix, we’re passionate about all types of garage doors. Find out everything you need to know about the swing-out style for garages and why they might be perfect for you.

What Is A Swing Out Garage Door?

swing out garage doors

A swing-out style is exactly what it sounds like. It has two doors that swing open and closed on heavy-duty hinges. They are beautiful, barn-inspired doors reminiscent of 19th-century carriage houses. We find that they are ideal for garages with limited overhead space. 

Since swing-open garage doors come in various sizes and styles, they look fantastic in anything from modern to traditional rustic homes. 

Keep in mind that swing-open doors will require more horizontal space than overhead garage doors because they open horizontally and not vertically. 

You’ll also have to opt for a unique swing-out automatic system if you’d like the doors to open with a touch of a button rather than manually opening them yourself.

The Components Of Swinging Garage Doors

Swinging garage doors are quite different from typical garage doors. Let’s look at the significant components of a swing-out door.



The first essential component is the Astragal. The Astragal is a thin strip of material attached to the active slab of your swing out door. This component seals and covers the seam between the two doors when they are in a closed position.



Next, we have the casing. The casing is a high-quality material that surrounds and frames the garage door opening. It covers the edge of the Jamb, the gap for the shims, and any exposed bare wall edges. The casing will always have a molded profile, such as a beaded edge, to create a beautiful-looking finish. 



The framing further hides any gaps around the garage opening. It consists of a casing and Jamb. The framing also ensures that the heavy doors swing open and shut without causing any damage.



The Jamb is a wood trim finish that we apply to your garage door opening to hide exposed studs and headers. The Jamb should always be flush with the wall. 

Shim Space


The shim space is a planned area between the rough framing and the final Jamb. This space allows us to make some final, necessary adjustments to ensure that the doors operate smoothly.



The exterior sill is the horizontal material, often aluminum, protecting against water infiltration.



The stop prevents your doors from swinging beyond the closed position. It protects the contents of your garage and provides a weather-tight seal.



The final essential component in a swinging garage door is the sweep. It covers roughly a ⅛” gap between the door slab and the sill. The sweep prevents air and water infiltration.

The Benefits Of Swing Out Doors For Your Garage

While swing-out-style garage doors look beautiful, they also boast some other impressive benefits. 

Low Maintenance


These doors don’t require as much maintenance as their counterparts. Since they swing in and out, they don’t risk getting stuck as typical roll-up doors do.

We also generally manufacture them out of steel as it is extremely strong and withstand all manner of weather and unusual conditions. It can also give off the appearance of wood so you can enjoy the classic and timeless wooden style while benefiting from the durability of steel. 

Additional Space


It’s not uncommon for people to use their garage as a storage space. A typical roll-up door takes up quite a bit of overhead space, limiting the area where you can store your belongings.

A swing out garage door doesn’t take up any overhead space, making your garage look and feel larger.

Home Value And Style


The classic doors can suit any style. Whether you want a modern garagefarmhouse-style, rustic, or traditional, you can choose a pattern and finish that perfectly suits and complements your home. This type of garage adds tremendous value and curb appeal to your property as well!



The swing-out system is relatively easy to secure. Since these doors consist of two or even three layers, they are also more durable and rugged. If you’re worried about garage door break-ins, read our guide on 7 simple ways to secure your garage door.



Swinging doors provide excellent versatility! There are no tracks or added overhead space, and you can customize them with endless options, ranging from steel to wood, and unlimited panel designs.

The Cons Of Swing-Style Garage Doors

Even though they have many benefits, actual swinging open garage doors have some cons that a new owner should be aware of. When you’re aware of these factors, it becomes easier to decide whether swinging doors are truly the best option for your home.



Unlike typical garage doors, the swing-out style tends to be more expensive. It’s more costly because of the unique and customizable style, the quality of materials, and the heavy-duty components required. However, because they are durable and low-maintenance, they’re well-worth the once-off investment. 



Since swinging garage doors open outwards, they require more horizontal space in front of your garage opening. This requirement can be an issue in an urban area with limited space.

You’ll need to have enough clearance on the sides to allow your doors to swing open completely. If you don’t have enough space, you may not be able to open the doors fully.

Do You Need Help Choosing The Best Swing Out Garage Door For Your Home?

Most people tend to have the same type of garage door. It quickly becomes boring! On the other hand, swing-out garage doors are unique and can add character to your property – giving it an old-school flair. 

Swinging doors can also complement various designs and styles, from rustic to modern, so that your new garage will perfectly suit your taste.

If you need a reliable, efficient garage door installer or some more advice, contact us! At Calgary Garage Door Fix, we can quickly and easily help you find the best swing-out doors.