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LIst of Calgary NE Neighborhoods we cover.

  • Bridgeland
  • Castleridge
  • Coral Springs
  • Crossroads
  • Coventry Hills
  • Falconeridge
  • Marlborough Park
  • Marlborough
  • Martindale
  • Mayland Heights
  • Monterey Park
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Garage door repair Calgary Northeast

At Calgary Garage Door Fix, we’re incredibly proud to be the best choice for garage door repair in the Calgary NE area. With close to one thousand 5-star Google reviews, our team comes as a local leader in providing garage door repair services, installations, and garage door sales. Northeast Calgary has a large selection of garage door companies you can hire. However, before you call anyone, it would be beneficial to have a clear understanding of the exact problem your garage door has. This will eliminate possible unwanted charges, as some garage door companies in Calgary will be happy to sell you services you don’t need. So what can go wrong with your garage door? There are dozen moving parts that help your overhead garage door to operate smoothly and safely. However, there is a small number of key components that are vital for safe garage door operation. 

TOP FOUR garage door repairs Calgary NE is famous for.

1. Garage door won't open.

If the door is level but won’t open after you press the button on the wall station or your opener remote, your overhead door opener needs to get inspected. First, check the breaker and make sure there is power in the outlet the motor is plugged into. As obvious as it is, oftentimes, homeowners are ready to replace the whole opener, even though there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Check the LED indicators on the wall station along with the LED indicators on the garage door sensors. Proceed to disconnect the opener from the door and dry to lift the door manually. If the door goes up smoothly, that’s a confirmation that your garage door opener might need replacement.

2. Garage door crooked and stuck within the vertical tracks.

The most common garage door repair Calgary NE is famous for is cables replacement. Garage door cables tend to rust over time if a large amount of water accumulates under the garage door, particularly in the corners, where torsion cables attach to the bottom door brackets. With an abundance of snow and ice in winter, combined with a poor concrete floor in your garage, you’re risking losing one of the torsion cables, which can lead to a critical garage door failure.
Under any circumstances, you shouldn’t try to open or close your door if it’s not level. Forcing the overhead door up or down when out of level can get the door off tracks and potentially damage your vehicles or personal belongings.

3. Garage door won't close unless you hold the button.

If your garage door won’t close, and the only way to bring it down is by pressing and holding the button on the wall station, you might be having a sensor alignment issue. This is one of the most common service calls we get in the Northeast Calgary area and can be taken care of without involving a garage door company. There are dozens of youtube videos that explain how to fix the alignment of the sensors, and this is the one any homeowner can do to save money. We do not recommend DIY solutions for any other garage door repairs, as those can be dangerous without proper tools or training. But sensors adjustment is a fairly easy task that involves no hazardous procedures.

4. Door opens up a foot and then stops.

In most instances, that means one of your torsion springs gave up and snapped. You will be able to see a broken spring with a naked eye if you compare the two springs you have on your garage door. One of them will have a gap, meaning it holds no more tension and provides no assistance to your garage door opener in lifting the door. At this point, the best course of action would be calling Calgary Garage Door Fix. Our dedicated team that provides garage door repairs in Calgary NE will be dispatched, and your garage door will be up operational within a few hours. We cover the whole Northeast Calgary area, including neighborhoods like Bridgeland, Martindale and many others.

A list of garage door services we offer in Northeast Calgary.

  • Garage door springs replacement
  • Garage door cables replacement
  • Garage door sensors alignment
  • Garage door maintenance
  • Garage door inspection
  • Garage door installation
  • Garage door sales & more

What makes Calgary Garage Door Fix your best choice when it comes to garage door repair in the Calgary Northeast area? We are family-owned and operated local business that values our clients more than potential profits. Our main priority is growing a huge list of satisfied clients that spread the word and refer us to their friends and family, as this is the best advertisement there can be. 

Calgary Garage Door Fix Inc.

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Calgary Garage Door Fix Inc.

Address: 99 Copperstone Park SE #2318, Calgary, AB T2Z 5C9, Canada

Copyright © 2022. All rights reserved.