Commercial Door Repair and Installation Service in Calgary

We are Calgary Garage Door Fix, Canada’s best-rated garage door company. We set the industry benchmark for outstanding customer service and professionalism!  Specializing in commercial overhead door repairs and installations, our skilled team offers an extensive range of services, including:

  1. Commercial opener/ operator replacement and repair.
  2. Bay door repair, bay door replacement
  3. Dock plate/leveler repair.
  4. Dock door repair/replacement.
  5. Commercial doors repair. 


Commercial Garage Door Repair

Bay Door Installation, Service & MORE

We take immense pride in our reputation. With over 1900 5-Star Google reviews, we are The right team to hire for your commercial overhead door service. We are committed to delivering top-notch commercial overhead door service lightning fast and at a reasonable rates. Calgary Garage Door Fix is the preferred choice for businesses across Calgary, Okotoks, Chestermere, Airdrie, and Cochrane seeking experts in the commercial overhead door business.

Our Commercial Doors Services

We’re Calgary’s best-rated Commercial Overhead Door Repair Company. See why thousands of Calgarians and local businesses trust us with their industrial door services.

Commercial Door Installation in Calgary

Commercial Doors Installation

We offer industrial bay door installation services, commercial garage door installations, and more. Give us a call to find out more.

Commercial Door Repair in Calgary

Commercial Door Repair

We offer emergency commercial door repair services at competitive rates. Choose Calgary's best-rated industrial door service provider!

dock leveler repairs

Dock Leveler Repairs

Looking for someone who offers loading dock plate repair? Our professionals are experts in dock repairs services. Get your dock leveler fixed ASAP! We offer fast dock leveler service in Calgary.

Commercial garage door opener repair service

Commercial Door Opener Repair.

We offer fast and affordable commercial garage door opener repair services. Get your industrial door up and running again, and stop losing business! Industrial opener installation and repair professionals in Calgary!

Commercial Garage Door Spring Repair Service in Calgary

Commercial Door Spring Repair.

Commercial Doors often fail as a result of a broken spring. We'll be able to get your industrial door up and running again and provide a professional spring replacement for your commercial door.

Commercial Door Installation in Calgary

Commercial Overhead Door Installation and Bay Door Installations

When it comes to replacing your industrial door or installing a new one, you need to choose the best commercial door installation company in the area. At Calgary Garage Door Fix, we offer high-quality commercial doors from the best manufacturers in North America. Industrial doors by Amarr are proven to be best in class when it comes to reliability and durability, which is crucial for businesses that rely on their bay doors to operate 24/7. 

Hundreds of warehouse doors in the Calgary area operate day and night in order to keep the local economy going, and when it’s time to have your commercial door replaced, that’s when we come in. Our skilled commercial door technicians will make sure your new bay door isn’t only installed correctly but also properly balanced and lubricated, as this is a crucial step in extending the longevity of any industrial door. 

Choose Calgary Garage Door Fix for your next commercial door installation project. Whether this is new construction or you’re looking to replace an existing door, give us a call and see what we can do for you. Find out why we’ve been rated as Calgary’s best garage door company.

Commercial Door Repair in Calgary

Fast Commercial Overhead Door Repair Calgary Needs!

When it comes to commercial door repairs, they must be done fast in order to allow the business to continue its operations. That’s where Calgary Garage Door Fix comes in with our fast and reliable commercial door repair services. Our skilled technicians will quickly identify the issue and get it fixed for you ASAP, so your business can continue to operate. When a commercial garage door fails, in most cases, it leads to loss of business as a result. Whether this is a warehouse door or a loading dock, our clients can expect fast and reliable service.


There are dozens of different scenarios where your industrial door might require service. Oftentimes commercial doors get damaged with forklifts or other warehouse equipment. In other cases, the springs might break, leaving the door shut, paralyzing the operations completely. Even the opener may fail unexpectedly, leaving you with no other option than to operate the door manually if there is a chain hoist.


Whatever the reason might be, our team of commercial door technicians will be able to help by providing the most cost-effective solution. Contact Calgary Garage Door Fix and have your commercial door fixed ASAP!

We offer Dock Leveler Repair in Calgary

There are different types of dock levelers, but they have one thing in common, when they break, your dock can be paralyzed until you get a professional dock leveler repair service. Dock leveler allows for a smooth and safe loading and unloading process, and its flawless operation is essential.


There are different types of levelers: 

  1. Pit Leveler
  2. Edge of Dock Leveler
  3. Rail Dock Leveler

And Pit levelers have their subcategories, but at the end of the day, the whole purpose of dock levelers is to allow for smooth and efficient loading and unloading experience. At Calgary Garage Door Fix, we know how to repair dock leveler if it fails, and we’re able to get your business up and running again in no time!

Commercial Garage Door Opener Repair and Installation Service.

While residential openers offer an exquisite and convenient way to open and close the garage door, commercial garage door openers are workhorses designed for performance and non-stop operations. But even the toughest commercial garage door openers by Liftmaster may fail, requiring a professional commercial door opener repair service. 

Luckily Calgary Garage Door Fix offers a wide range of services for commercial door openers, from inspection and maintenance to repairs or replacement services. Our professionals will diagnose the issue and make sure they offer the most cost-effective solution. 

Give us a call, and we’ll make sure your commercial door will be up and running again and won’t hold your business back!

Commercial Doors Spring Repair Service.

Even though commercial door springs are rated for tens or even hundreds of thousands of cycles, they still eventually break, which can lead to loss of time and money to your business operation. This is where Calgary Garage Door Fix comes in with our fast and efficient commercial door springs repair services.

It is hard to keep all the necessary spring sizes in stock, and in some cases, commercial door springs need to be placed on backorder. Nevertheless, we won’t let you down and make you wait until your new springs show up. We can provide a temporary solution by clamping the old spring until the new one is ready for installation. In this case, the business may continue the operations. 


Call Calgary Garage Door Fix and find out why we’re the best-rated residential and commercial garage door repair company in Calgary and surrounding areas!


The above reasons are only some of the few why you should leave commercial door repair in Calgary to professionals. At Calgary Garage Door Repair, we have qualified and experienced steel commercial door technicians who will take care of your needs.

We guarantee you the best results that save you money and avoid irreversible mistakes that can turn out to be expensive for you. Get in touch today to get a free consultation on industrial doors Calgary and a pocket-friendly quotation for commercial garage door repair Calgary.