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Commercial garage doors are increasingly becoming a popular choice for many businesses in Calgary. However, some people still don’t understand how commercial doors are different from residential garage doors. Don’t they all serve the same purpose? Yes, they do.

However, commercial doors experience more stress than residential garage doors. The parking, loading, and unloading are more frequent in a commercial environment compared to that of a residential building. There are also many types of commercial doors, such as; Fire Doors, Bay Doors, Quick Roll Doors, Security Grids, Rolling Steels, High-Speed Doors, and more…

Benefits of Commercial Doors

Commercial garage doors are a completely different animal compared to a residential garage door. They are bigger, heavier, and require a lot more power to operate – but the benefits you get from choosing commercial doors over regular garage doors for your business are equally massive. Some of the benefits include:

  • You can customize the size to your preferences and needs. Commercial garage doors can be as large as you need them to be so you can have as much access to your premises as you want.

  • Customization of commercial doors is not only limited to the size. You can customize the installation too. Are you looking for steel commercial doors that allow more light in? Or you want an insulated door that will save you on air conditioning costs? Whatever you need, get in touch with us to discuss your commercial garage door needs.

  • They are extremely durable. Commercial doors are mostly made of steel so that they are strong enough to withstand the wear and tear of busy premises. You can trust Calgary Garage Door Repair to install high-quality steel commercial doors that roll to the side or rise overhead to fit your specific business needs.

  • Enhanced security and privacy. Steel commercial doors are stronger and bigger and are therefore more difficult for burglars to break down. You can also customize the windows and slits on your commercial doors to reduce exposure to passersby.


When you partner with us for industrial doors Calgary, you are backed by a manufacturer’s warranty and our personal labor guarantee. You can also count on us for after-sale services such as inspections, maintenance, and commercial garage door repair in Calgary.

However, because of the amount of stress commercial garage doors are always subjected to, it is not uncommon for them to develop issues after heavy use. Some of these issues you might notice are the door failing to open and close properly or fully and in extreme cases, the door collapsing.

Common Commercial Garage Door Repairs in Calgary

When you rely on the commercial door for the smooth operation of your business, you cannot afford a breakdown, let alone waiting for repairs. You always need to be vigilant so you can have issues fixed straight away. At Calgary Garage Door Repair, we are also available round the clock to take care of your garage door needs. You can call us after work hours to work on the issue without having to close the business for repairs. Here are the most common issues you might encounter with your commercial garage door:

1. Misaligned or damaged tracks

If you have an overhead commercial door, there are metal tracks that guide the door during opening and closing. When they become misaligned, warped, or damaged, you might experience difficulties operating your door. At times, the door might even completely fail. You might just need to straighten or repair the track, and in rare cases, overhaul the entire track.

2. Dirty or damaged rollers

Dirt can also gather on the rollers and over time, they become packed with debris and get damaged. You might experience unusual noises when operating the door or see it strain to open and close. Cleaning the rollers before lubricating them can fix this problem. Watch out for rusted or corroded rollers too.

3. Worn out or damaged torsion springs

Torsion springs help to counterbalance the weight of the garage door. They usually wear out with frequent use, especially for commercial doors. You should watch out when working with torsion springs as they are tightly wound and hold a lot of energy.

4. Dented or worn out sections and panels

High-traffic premise garage doors take a beating every now and then, with dents being the most common outcome. While some can simply be repaired, others might require you to install an entirely new commercial door.

Reasons To Hire Professionals For Commercial Garage Door Repair in Calgary

Most people will notice these issues and attempt to undertake repairs themselves. They aim to save on repair costs by doing the repairs themselves. While this is usually encouraged for residential garage doors, DIY repairs for industrial doors Calgary is not advisable. Here’s why:

1. The process is not as easy as it looks

Performing minor repairs on a residential garage door is one thing. Performing repairs on heavy steel commercial doors is another. It is a difficult job that will be even more difficult if you don’t have the experience and expertise for the job.

2. There are tools specially made for the job

There are tools needed to do a good job with commercial garage door repair in Calgary. If you are going to undertake the repairs yourself, you will have to buy the tools and learn how to use them on the fly. On the other hand, doing the job without the right tools could lead to more problems.

3. Increased chances of making mistakes

Without expertise, you are likely to miss steps or misplace certain components during the job. Such mistakes can be very costly and interfere with your return to normal business operations. A simple mistake could lead to the door completely failing to open or close.

4. There is a risk of injury

As mentioned above, torsion springs are tightly wound and stretched. They can result in serious injuries when they snap. Besides that, improper or incomplete repairs can make the door collapse when in operation, resulting in injuries and damages to property.

5. DIY repairs are not backed by warranties

If something goes wrong during a DIY commercial door repair, you have no warranty to fall back on. Undertaking repairs yourself also invalidates most manufacturers’ warranties. If you need service in the future, it will be out of your pocket. The DIY route is only cheaper in the short-term but costlier in the long run.


The above reasons are only some of the few why you should leave commercial garage door repair Calgary to professionals. At Calgary Garage Door Repair, we have qualified and experienced steel commercial door technicians who will take care of your needs.

We guarantee you the best results that save you money and avoid irreversible mistakes that can turn out to be expensive for you. Get in touch today to get a free consultation on industrial doors Calgary and a pocket-friendly quotation for commercial garage door repair Calgary.

Frequently Asked Questions

As opposed to our residential division, we do have a 150$ service call fee for our commercial door repair services. The Fee will be waived if the total estimated amount for the repair is equal or higher than 600$ before tax.

Commercial door springs replacement prices may vary depending on the size of the spring, type of the door etc. Therefore it is very difficult to give the exact price before we know all the details, but you should expect at least two hour labor charge at 125$/hour + materials

Commercial door cables replacement prices may vary depending on the type of the door. Therefore it is very difficult to give the exact price before we know all the details, but you should expect at least two hour labor charge at 125$/hour + materials

Commercial door opener replacement can cost around 3000$+Tax depending on the opener we'll need to install

Yes we do! We can install any type of commercial door from quick rolls to rolling steels etc.

A simple commercial garage door service costs only $220+GST and includes lubrication and full inspection. You will get a list of recommendations once the inspection is completed.

We provide garage door repair and installation services across Calgary, including SouthEast, SouthWest, NorthEast, and NorthWest areas. We also serve Okotoks, Chestermere, Airdrie and Cochrane

Yes, any card works and there are no discounts for cash payments.

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