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Garage door repair Calgary Southeast

The benefits your residential garage door provides you with are unmatched. The curb appeal, the convenience of opening it up with a push of a button, and the security it adds to your home make your garage door one of the most valuable parts of your property. However, even the most expensive garage door can break, causing a huge inconvenience, loss of time, and money. That’s where Calgary Garage Door Fix comes in, as we provide the best garage door repair Calgary SE has to offer. If you reside in the Calgary Southeast area, you’re in luck, as you have a good selection of garage door companies to choose from. Some of them are better than others, so it is always advisable to take a deep breath and do proper research before hiring someone in panic mode because your garage door is hanging halfway in the air. 

Want to know what makes Calgary Garage Door Fix the best choice for your garage door repair service? We’re a family-owned and operated local business with decades of combined experience in providing a full array of garage door services, from sales to installations and repairs. Below we’ll name just a few benefits you’re getting by hiring us vs. our competition.

  • We’re Calgary’s best-rated garage door company with close to 1000 5-star reviews!
  • We have a transparent pricing model, allowing you to get a quote before hiring us.
  • All our garage door technicians are certified and skilled professionals with years of experience. 
  • Calgary Garage Door Fix is a licensed and insured business.
  • We’re a member of the Canadian Door Institute (CDI) .
  • We offer a best-in-class warranty for all our services.
  • You get a 10% discount as a returning customer for all future repairs.
  • We only use high-quality original parts for our garage door repairs.
  • We work with the world’s largest names in the garage door industry.

Fastest and Most Affordable Garage Door Repair Calgary SE Ever Had.

With Calgary Garage Door Fix, you can have your garage door issue solved within hours of your call. We have at least two of our technicians dedicated to the Calgary Southeast area at all times, same with Calgary NWCalgary NE, and Calgary SW areas. This grants us the ability to promptly respond to any emergency and offer our garage door repair service to all SE residents.


We are a community leader that is always ready to help! We do understand how frustrating it can be when you’re unable to leave your house because your garage door failed on you. There’s nothing worse than trying to make it on time for work, or a doctor’s appointment, just to realize your garage door won’t open.


It might come as a surprise, but pushing that opener button a dozen times won’t solve the issue, in fact, it can get much worst. Therefore we always suggest calling a reliable garage door repair company in Calgary SE, such as Calgary Garage Door Fix.

Use Our Garage Door Troubleshooter To Your Advantage.

It is often pretty difficult for an average homeowner to pinpoint the exact cause of a garage door failure. That leads to a long phone conversation with the company you’re trying to hire to repair the door and can also lead to unwanted charges, as some door companies will be happy to sell you garage door services you don’t need.


We’ve created an amazingly easy-to-use garage door troubleshooter to tackle this issue. Simply open the chat window and start interacting with our troubleshooting bot. It will promptly guide you through all the troubleshooting steps.

The bot will ask you all the right questions and let you know what is wrong with your garage door and how much it will cost you to fix it. And if at any moment you feel you have more questions, simply choose to speak to one of our representatives, and we’ll be with you shortly, easy as that.

Why My Garage Door Won't Open?

Well, simply put, one of the three critical components likely failed, causing interruptions in your garage door operation. Regardless of whether you live in Southeast Calgary or any other area in the city, all garage door components work on the same principle. Garage door springs provide the lifting power, making the door much lighter than it actually is. Cables hold your door level, and the garage door opener raises and lowers the door. When one of the three components fails, you’re in trouble and need a reliable and skilled professional to fix it. Calgary Garage Door Fix offers same-day emergency repairs for any residential garage door setup.

Garage Door Springs Repair

We offer same-day torsion springs replacement for all our Southeast clients. The exception will be a custom-made spring. If you have an extremely heavy garage door or the one with the high-lift torsion system, the springs will be ordered from the factory and replaced later. But meanwhile, we can offer a temporary solution by clamping your existing springs until the new one arrives.

Garage Door Cables Repair

Broken garage door cable is one of the most common garage door failures. Because of the abundance of snow and ice during the winter months, often, there are puddles of water sitting under the garage door, causing your cables corrosion, which will inevitably lead to a cable failure.

When one of the torsion cables breaks, the door gets out of level and jams within the tracks. Forcing the door up or down, in this case, may lead to serious complications, and in some cases, the whole door may have to be replaced as a result.

Garage Door Cables Repair

Garage door openers come in many different configurations and offer a wide range of safety and convenience features. From Wi-Fi connectivity to a built-in security camera, from auto-lock to motion sensors, garage door openers evolved in a state of the art machinery that provides unmatched comfort and security to you and your property.

List of Calgary Southeast Communities covered by our Garage Door Repair Services

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Calgary Garage Door Fix Inc.

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