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Please note, we're asking to limit your interactions with our technicians and keep a safe distance If you or any of your family members experiencing any Flu-like symptoms. After service completion, you'll be asked to provide your email address and your invoice will be sent to you directly. Payment will be accepted through your email invoice. Additional measures may be taken in the future to ensure our technicians and customers stay safe at all times.

What makes Calgary Garage Door Fix Inc. so special? We are a family-owned and operated small business, and we always have our clients as our first priority. We do not price our services based on the vehicle parked in front of your home, nor by the neighborhood you live in. We have our prices available for everyone to see and compare to other garage door service providers in Calgary. Are we the cheapest? – Probably not, even though we know for a fact that our prices are in line with industry standards, and over 825 5-star Google reviews are an excellent testimony for the services we provide.

Garage Door Repair Service in Calgary

Calgary Garage Door Fix has been repairing, maintaining, and installing exceptional quality garage doors, springs, cables, and openers for local customers for many years. The company is proudly locally owned and operated. Over the years, we’ve earned a solid reputation for delivering top-quality garage door repair services at competitive prices. We provide outstanding garage door services in all four parts of our beautiful city: Calgary Southeast, Calgary Southwest, Calgary Northeast, and Northwest. We’re also offering our garage door services in the neighboring cities, such as Cochrane, Airdrie, Chestermere and Okotoks.

Thinking about a garage door replacement? Our garage door prices are very competitive, and we only work with Amarr garage doors, one of the best and well-known brands in North America. Our garage door sales department will make sure you’ll get exactly what you’re looking for in a new garage door. We also proud to offer a wide range of first-class garage door services such as Garage door spring repair, garage door opener repair and installation, garage door cable repair, and more…

At Calgary Garage Door Fix, our service caters to Calgary’s corners from Bridlewood to Willow Park, Beltline, Panorama Hills, etc. We can fix everything from traditional garage doors to coach house garage doors and modern garage doors.
Not only do we offer the best prices on everything from repairs to installation, but our quality is unmatched. Hundreds of 5-star Google reviews by happy customers from across the city is a testament to the fact that we deliver on our promise of excellent customer service and workmanship. For this reason, we are the number 1 rated garage door service, garage door sales, and maintenance professionals in the city. 

Exceptional 24/7 Calgary Garage Door Repair.

That’s right, we offer best-in-class 24/7 overhead garage door repair and maintenance services in Calgary, and we’re incredibly proud of it! Can’t seem to open your garage door with the wall switch or your remote? The door isn’t closing or opening all the way? We have you covered by providing Calgary’s best-rated garage door services.


Our team of certified experts can fix just about any garage door issue right at your doorstep at any time. Years of experience working with all garage doors ensure that we come fully prepared to handle any garage door repairs.  Whether it is a manual or an electrical door, we will handle it adhering to all safety procedures that we developed for our highly valued employees. 


Not every company services garage door the way we do it, some cut corners and do a sloppy job on maintenance or lubrication, others install the wrong set of springs, so you would call them again once they break, but at Calgary Garage Door Fix, your satisfaction is always our first priority, that’s why all our garage door repairs are performed to the highest industry standards.


Our repair also includes replacing parts like the torsion spring, hinges, rollers, cables, tracks opener, and more. 

Call us today at (403) 990-9536 to give us an explanation of the problem, and we’ll be there ASAP. 


Sometimes your garage door just won’t open, and it’s always a good idea to wait for a qualified and knowledgeable tech before doing anything. Still, if this is an emergency, there is a “life-saving solution” we’ve conveniently prepared for you here.

Professional Garage Door Installation.

Our Calgary garage door repair service also includes professional garage door installation, which is extremely important if you decide to buy a new garage door. 


Buying a new garage door is perhaps the safest and smartest investment you can make, but you have to make sure you’re not only getting a good quality garage door but that it is also installed properly; otherwise, your upgrade can turn out to be a nightmare.  


Upgrading to a new garage door makes a lot of sense, as they provide multiple benefits; not only are modern garage doors more secure, but they are also more convenient.
The latest overhead door packages offer an array of vital security features, from RFID detection to apps that remotely trigger the door while monitoring all safety aspects of the operation, so your expensive car and valuable tools, not to mention keeping the home always secure. However, to get the most out of a new garage door, it needs to be installed correctly. Plus, the correct installation ensures that the warranty on the door isn’t voided. 


Proper garage door installation also ensures you won’t require frequent garage door repairs as your door will be tuned up and lubricated professionally.
At Calgary Garage Door Repair, we’ve been installing new garage doors for homes and businesses for over a decade. We have the experience and equipment to pull off any type of installation with remarkable results. Furthermore, our experts are just one call away. 

Expert Torsion Garage Door Springs Repair.

Garage door spring repair

While providing the best garage door repairs Calgary has to offer, we always try to educate our customers on best practices for garage door usage to extend the life of their garage door springs.The most common problem with modern garage doors is the spring tends to fail after a few years. That’s why it is one of the most common issues out there. Fortunately, we provide professional garage door spring repair service at your doorstep.  
Companies that provide garage door services make fortunes on garage door spring repairs as a result of improper garage door use by the homeowners. Garage door springs meant to operate flawlessly for up to ten years or 10000 cycles, according to the manufacturer’s specifications. However, most homeowners use their garage door even when it is fairly unnecessary, which leads to premature metal fatigue, and eventually a garage door spring repair is needed. Also, the environment in Calgary, i.e. the sub-zero temperatures in winter, reduces its service life. So, they need to be replaced more frequently. 


Our garage door repair service can install two new springs in under 90 minutes max! And we’ll perform all necessary tests for your garage door to ensure it is properly balanced and ready for safe operation. If you are thinking of attempting a spring replacement yourself, we would strongly advise against it as it is very dangerous. A better idea would be to call us, and we’ll have an expert at your doorstep in no time! 

Professional Garage Door Opener Installation and Repair.

Garage Door Repair Calgary

All garage doors depend on the opener for safe operation, as modern garage door openers offer a wide range of vital safety features, and let’s be honest, most of us can’t imaging leaving without the convenience a garage door opener provides.

Unlike garage door springs, which are basically a couple of pieces of metal, a garage door opener is a complex machine with dozens of moving parts and electronic components, which unfortunately often break, and that’s why as one of our garage door services, we offer garage door opener repair service across Calgary and surrounding areas.

The garage door opener is charged with the most crucial task- lifting and lowering your overhead garage door while keeping all your family members safe. That’s why the opener is under a great deal of stress. That stress is exponentially increased during hot summers, or when there is excessive moisture in the air. All of this can wear down the metal and wood, causing a failing or old opener to break down suddenly. 

As Calgary’s best-rated garage door service provider, we strongly recommend proper garage door opener maintenance to ensure it is running smoothly and lasts longer. However, when it does break down, our best-in-class experts will be happy to fix it for you. Our team is just one call away and will come fully prepared to fix any overhead garage door opener malfunction. 

Garage Door Repair Calgary

Garage Door Maintenance

If your goal is to save money by reducing garage door repairs, maximizing the longevity of your garage door is the way to go. You can achieve that by performing regular garage door maintenance. Many homeowners turn a blind eye to the importance of maintaining their garage doors, which often results in dangerous and pricy repairs.

Unfortunately, the specific climate and harsh winters in Canada can limit the door’s lifespan, especially those installed by cheap builders to maximize their profits. That is why you need to be responsible and hire a company to regularly inspect and maintain the doors.

Calgary Garage Door Fix has been serving clients in Alberta, Canada, for years and has expanded to different cities and provinces across Canada. The key to our success is a best in class customer service, affordable prices, and experienced technicians.

Our professional maintenance minimizes the chance of anything going wrong with your doors. If you want to improve their performance and ensure that everything works the way it’s meant to, give us a call today, and one of our professionals will be on his way to maintain your overhead garage door.

We Serve You with a Smile While Providing Calgary's Best Garage Door Service!

As part of our commitment to home and business owners across Calgary, we’ve invested in the best, most efficient customer service. Each person working for us understands the industry and understands the problems you’re facing with the garage door. So, our customer service comprises of more than just people who take your calls, we’re incredibly proud you chose us to fix your garage door issue! They help and make recommendations if required. 
Regardless of if you’re facing a chronic problem with the garage door or are in the market for a new one, we can help you.

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Garage door maintenance services

Calgary garage door repair business is very competitive. Some contractors are trying to make as much money as possible by over-inflating garage door repair prices. Calgary Garage Door Fix Ltd., however, is working tirelessly to build our name and reputation in the industry. That’s why we’ve become a trusted go-to overhead garage door company with customer satisfaction as our main priority. Thankfully, these days you can see our great reputation online by searching for garage door repair Calgary reviews. You’ll quickly notice which company delivers high-quality services and which company is on the market for a quick money grab. Can’t judge, every business owner has his strategy, our strategy focused on providing top-quality garage door parts and services for a fair price.

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Calgary Garage Door Fix Inc.

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