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Calgary Garage Door Fix is your trusted local garage door service provider in Calgary, Alberta, offering top-rated repair and emergency services 24/7. Our commitment to quality is evident in our partnerships with leading brands like Liftmaster, Chamberlain, Amarr, Garaga, etc., ensuring the use of high-quality components for all garage door repairs and services. With transparent pricing and over 1900 positive Google reviews, we guarantee no surprises on your bill. Our professional team delivers exceptional service at fair prices, which is validated by our vast customer satisfaction. We offer a wide range of residential and commercial overhead door repairs and installations. Whether it is a commercial, a high-speed door, or a bay door repair, we can handle it for you! Choose a garage door company you can trust with your Calgary overhead doors repair and service!

Best-rated Calgary overhead door service Company. See why thousands of Calgary residents trust us with their garage door service needs.

Calgary overhead door repair and installation service.

  • Best Rated In Calgary.
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  • Quality Parts.
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Garage door repair Calgary - Springs Repair

A broken garage door spring may get you trapped inside your garage. Don’t let worn-out springs ruin your day and call Calgary Garage Door FIx to take care of it.

Our skilled technicians will arrive within hours and your torsion springs will be replaced at the best prices in Calgary. 

Garage Door Spring Replacement Cost:

  • Standard Single Spring Replacement on TWO spring setup- $280+GST. $320 on 3 and 4 springs setup.
  • Two Standard Springs Replacement- $380-$480+ GST.
Garage door repair Calgary- Cable repair

Is your garage door crooked and stuck? Chances are, one of your garage door cables snapped as a result of corrosion or simply fell off the drum because of lack of tension. Call our office, and we’ll get a service appointment booked for you ASAP, in most cases within hours of your call.

Garage Door Cable Replacement Cost:

  • Two Standard Cables Replacement- $250+GST.
  • Two Standard Cables + Brackets Replacement- $290+ GST.
  • Cables Replacement With Door Off Track may be extra.
Garage door repair - Smart Garage door opener Repair

Garage door opener offers an unbeatable convenience in operating a residential garage door until it breaks. While you can still unhook the door from the opener and open the door manually, it causes a security issue, as anyone will be able to do the same. We’ll fix it for you ASAP!

Garage Door Opener Replacement Cost:

  • Liftmaster Belt Drive Opener 7ft- $720+GST.
  • Liftmaster Jackshaft Opener – $1220+GST.
Garage door repair Calgary- Garage door maintenance

It is always a good idea to have your garage door serviced regularly. This will ensure a smooth operation and prevent serious issues from developing in the future. In addition, maintenance and Inspection help you catch potential problems ahead of time.

Garage Door Maintenance Cost:

  • Standard Maintenance – $120+GST.
  • Minor Adjustments Start From – $160+ GST.
Garage doors Calgary

Buying a new garage door in Calgary can be challenging. It would be best if you had a good understanding of the R-Value of the door you have in mind, along with other vital details. That’s where Calgary Garage Door Fix can help. Let us offer you the best garage door your money can buy!

Garage Door Replacement Cost:

  • Single-Sized Door Starts From – $2000+GST.
  • Double Door Starts From –  $2650+ GST.

We Accept All major payment options for your convenience.

Calgary garage door repair services you can count on!

While any residential garage door in Calgary can be considered a complex mechanism, a few key components make it come to life and serve you day and night, 365 days a year. We offer a full range of garage door repairs in Calgary, Okotoks, Chestermere, Airdrie, and Cochrane, and make sure your door operates at its best! 

  • Garage door spring repair.
  • Garage door cable repair.
  • Garage door opener repair.

A failure of any one of the vital components may disable your garage door, and in some cases, pose a severe safety concern. Your garage door can be exposed to different environmental challenges depending on your geographical location. This will inevitably affect the longevity of the critical garage door components listed above. As a Calgary garage door company, we know very well that harsh winters and extreme temperature fluctuations can account for around 80% of all garage door issues in Calgary. 

Rusted and snapped garage door cables, broken garage door springs as a result of metal fatigue, or a failed overhead door opener. Those are just a few reasons for your garage door to fail. And guess what? It always happens when you least expect this.

Luckily for you, we’re the only garage door repair company in Calgary that offers emergency garage door repair service at no extra cost! We don’t charge extra for after-hours or emergency callouts, and you can always count on our garage door technicians. Get your garage door repaired professionally by Canada’s best-rated garage door supplier! We are a Calgary overhead door repair and installation service provider you can trust!


Garage door repair in Calgary


Calgary garage door repair service

Expert Torsion Garage Door Springs Repair.

Garage door spring repair

At Calgary Garage Door Fix, we excel in providing top-notch garage door spring repairs, aiming to educate our customers on maintaining their garage doors to prevent premature failures. Despite springs being designed for up to ten years or 10,000 cycles, frequent unnecessary use and Calgary’s harsh winters can shorten their lifespan. We offer swift and professional spring replacement services, installing new springs in under 90 minutes, ensuring your garage door is balanced and safe. DIY spring replacement is risky; for your safety, let our experts handle it efficiently. Service garage door springs with Calgary Garage Door Fix! Get your garage door repaired professionally at a reasonable cost!

Professional Garage Door Opener Installation and Repair.

LM84501 Calgary Garage Door Fix

Garage door openers are essential for the safe and convenient operation of Calgary garage doors, featuring numerous safety enhancements. Unlike the simpler garage door springs, openers are complex, with many moving parts prone to failure. This underscores the importance of regular maintenance to mitigate stress from environmental factors like heat and moisture, which can expedite wear. As Calgary’s top garage door repair service, we provide expert opener repair and maintenance, ensuring longevity and reliability. Our team has provided professional services for garage doors and openers in Calgary, Airdrie, Okotoks, Chestermere, and Cochrane for decades, and thousands of five-star reviews from satisfied Calgarians who hired us are a great validation of the quality of our services. 

Emergency 24/7 Garage Door Repair.

We provide emergency 24/7 garage door repair and maintenance service in Calgary, Okotoks, Chestermere, Airdrie and Cochrane, ensuring your door operates smoothly, regardless of the problem. Our certified team, experienced in all types of garage door systems, guarantees top-quality service and adherence to safety standards for your peace of mind. At Calgary Garage Door Fix, we prioritize your satisfaction, performing repairs with high-quality parts to maintain the integrity of your garage door. For immediate assistance or emergency service, contact us — we’re prepared with solutions for any situation.

Professional Garage Door Installation.

Our service extends to professional garage door installation, crucial for new purchases. A quality installation ensures your door’s security, convenience, and longevity, protecting your investment and avoiding future repairs. With modern features like Security 2.0 and remote operation, a correct setup is essential. We bring over a decade of experience to every installation, ensuring optimal performance and peace of mind. Let our experts handle your installation needs, ensuring your garage door adds value and security to your home.

Some Of Calgary Neighborhoods We Service

Northwest Calgary
  • Arbour Lake: T3G
  • Bowness: T3B
  • Brentwood: T2L
  • Carrington: T3P
  • Charleswood: T2L
  • Citadel: T3G
  • Collingwood: T2L
  • Dalhousie: T3A
  • Edgemont: T3A
  • Greenwood/Greenbriar: T3B
  • Hamptons: T3A
  • Hawkwood: T3G
  • Montgomery: T3B
  • Nolan Hill: T3R
  • Ranchlands: T3G
  • Rocky Ridge: T3G
  • Royal Oak: T3G
  • Sage Hill: T3R
  • Scenic Acres: T3L
  • Silver Springs: T3B
  • Tuscany: T3L
  • University Heights: T2N
  • Varsity: T3A
  • Varsity Estates: T3A
Northeast Calgary
  • Abbeydale: T2A
  • Bridgeland/Riverside: T2E
  • Castleridge: T3J
  • Cityscape: T3N
  • Coral Springs: T3J
  • Cornerstone: T3N
  • Falconridge: T3J
  • Livingston: T3P
  • Marlborough: T2A
  • Marlborough Park: T2A
  • Martindale: T3J
  • Mayland Heights: T2E
  • Monterey Park: T1Y
  • Pineridge: T1Y
  • Redstone: T3N
  • Rundle: T1Y
  • Saddle Ridge: T3J
  • Skyview Ranch: T3N
  • Taradale: T3J
  • Temple: T1Y
  • Whitehorn: T1Y
Southwest Calgary
  • Altadore: T2T
  • Aspen Woods: T3H
  • Bayview: T2V
  • Bel-Aire: T2V
  • Beltline: T2R
  • Braeside: T2W
  • Britannia: T2S
  • Canyon Meadows: T2W
  • Cedarbrae: T2W
  • CFB Currie: T3E
  • CFB Lincoln Park PMQ: T3E
  • Chinook Park: T2V
  • Coach Hill: T3H
  • Cougar Ridge: T3H
  • Crestmont: T3B
  • Discovery Ridge: T3H
  • Eagle Ridge: T2V
  • Elbow Park: T2T
  • Glenbrook: T3E
  • Glendale: T3E
  • Haysboro: T2V
  • Kelvin Grove: T2V
  • Kingsland: T2V
  • Lakeview: T3E
  • Lincoln Park: T3E
  • Mayfair: T2V
  • Meadowlark Park: T2V
  • North Glenmore Park: T3E
  • Oakridge: T2V
  • Palliser: T2V
  • Richmond: T3E
  • Roxboro: T2S
  • Scarboro: T3C
  • Shaganappi: T3C
  • Signal Hill: T3H
  • Southwood: T2W
  • Springbank Hill: T3H
  • Strathcona Park: T3H
  • Westgate: T3C
  • Wildwood: T3C
  • Willow Park: T2J
  • Windsor Park: T2V
  • Woodbine: T2W
  • Woodlands: T2W
Southeast Calgary
  • Acadia: T2J
  • Auburn Bay: T3M
  • Belmont: T2X
  • Bonavista Downs: T2J
  • Copperfield: T2Z
  • Cranston: T3M
  • Douglasdale/Glen: T2Z
  • Erin Woods: T2B
  • Fairview: T2H
  • Forest Heights: T2A
  • Forest Lawn: T2A
  • Inglewood: T2G
  • Mahogany: T3M
  • Maple Ridge: T2J
  • McKenzie Lake: T2Z
  • McKenzie Towne: T2Z
  • New Brighton: T2Z
  • Ogden: T2C
  • Quarry Park: T2C
  • Riverbend: T2C
  • Seton: T3M
  • Southview: T2B
  • Willow Park: T2J

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Dana Baisley

Very quick service, called and garage door fixed within a few hours, technician knew his stuff and explained what had to be done, did job quickly and professionally, would highly recommend

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The best rated garage door company in Calgary is Calgary garage Door Fix. They have well over 1900 of 5-Star Google reviews with 5.0 average rating.

At Calgary Garage door Fix, we charge between $380 and $480$+GST for a set of two standard torsion springs.

A new Liftmaster Garage Door Opener replacement starts at $720+ GST and goes up depending on the model.

We charge between $250 and $290 + GST for torsion cables replacement.

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Preventative Maintenance

Our experienced technicians use industry-leading practices and advanced technology to ensure
the optimal performance and longevity of your equipment and systems. However, it is important
to note that even with our best efforts, there is a possibility that some issues may go undetected
during the course of our preventative maintenance services.

We want to emphasize that while our team is highly skilled and thorough, the nature of
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1. Limitation of Liability: GDF shall not be held liable for any damages, losses, or
inconveniences resulting from issues that may be missed during preventative
maintenance. This includes, but is not limited to, hidden defects, latent problems, or
issues arising from external factors beyond our control.

2. Exclusion of Guarantee: While we strive for excellence, GDF does not guarantee that
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is designed to minimize risks, but it cannot eliminate them entirely.

3. Client Responsibility: Customers are encouraged to promptly report any concerns,
malfunctions, or unusual observations with their equipment or systems to GDF for
further investigation, repair, or adjustment. Timely reporting can help mitigate potential
issues that may not have been identified during our preventative maintenance.

4. Limited Warranty: Our preventative maintenance package is covered by a limited
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Cancellation Policy

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2.2. Cancellations made less than 2 hours before the scheduled appointment may be subject to a cancellation fee, which will be determined based on the nature of the service and our team's incurred costs.
Warranty Policy

3.1. We stand behind the quality of our work and offer a one year warranty on parts that we supply and install excluding sensor alignment and single springs not replaced in tandem on multi spring setup.

3.2. Warranty for repairs will be determined on a case by case basis and communicated to you at the time of service by your technician.

3.3. Sensors alignment is not covered under warranty due to the nature of the sensors and their sensitivity to external factors, such as environmental changes or physical obstructions.

3.4. Weather stripping and rubber seal are not guaranteed to be weather tight, under warranty as they are influenced by factors such as the settling of the building, frame or concrete, climate, and maintenance.

3.5. In the event of a warranty claim, please contact us promptly. We will assess the issue and, if covered under warranty, repair or replace the affected parts accordingly

No Show Policy

4.1. We strive to maintain prompt and reliable service.

4.2. If our technician arrives at the scheduled appointment time and no one is present or available to grant access to the garage, it will be considered a "No Show."

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