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Electric garage door openers got popular in the 70s and since then developed into a significant market. They eliminated the trouble of having to get out of the car to open the door personally. Garage door opener repair became one of the most requested services amongst the homeowners.


Why my opener isn’t working?


There might be a few reasons for the malfunctioning opener. Sometimes lightning strikes can damage its electrical components. In that case, you might need to replace the mainboard. Those usually can be found online. Another common issue is damaged gears. Most manufacturers use plastic gears inside their openers, and you guessed it, those aren’t that durable.


Usually, when a contractor refers to garage door opener repair, it actually means replacement. You see, the amount of work and resources required to open up the opener and replace the faulty internals is equal to a replacement of the whole unit. In addition to that, you’ll get a warranty and a brand new opener that can last for years to come.

Primary Factors to consider when buying an opener.


Are you a “safety first” person? Then it would be best if you had an opener that offers more safety features. It is especially important if you have little ones. 


Most modern openers come with a reversal mechanism, so if your kid ran under a closing garage door, it should reverse automatically. 


Searching for a very quiet opener? It’s important if you have a bedroom right above your garage. You don’t want to wake your kids up while leaving for work early in the morning. 


Are you located in a climate with harsh temperature levels? In this case, a screw drive opener would be the ideal option.


Do you want remote access? Does your garage facilitate the opener’s ceiling setup, or do you have high ceilings (which would make a jack-shaft the best option)? What is your budget? Chain-drive openers are the least pricey of the four alternatives.



Different types of garage door openers.


There are four kinds of overhead door openers: chain drive, belt drive, screw drive, and jack-shaft. Some are more popular than others, some are obsolete, and you can’t buy them anymore. 

Each type operates differently, and your specific requirements will lead you to the ideal opener for your door. With regards to the garage door opener repair, it doesn’t matter which one to choose. They typically get replaced as the whole unit.

Chain Drive Opener.

Chain-drive overhead door is the most preferred of the four kinds of garage door openers. They are the least pricy but the noisiest of the four styles. This type of opener is incredibly durable and is generally a common choice.

Belt Drive Opener.

Since they use rubber belts, belt-drive openers are quieter than chain drives. They cost a little bit more than chain-drive openers and are best for people living areas above or next to the garage. This type of openers also associated with reduced vibration

Screw Drive Opener.

This garage door opener kind is frequently used in environments with harsh temperatures since it is built to hold up against temperature changes. Screw-drive openers will not struggle with iced-over chains or other weather-related issues. The tracks are plastic-lined, and there is minimal maintenance required. However, most manufacturers discontinued this type of openers and invested in Belt drive technology instead.

Jack-shaft Opener

Jack-shaft drives are useful for getting rid of that considerable garage door opener box on the ceiling of your garage. Jack-shaft openers are mounted on the sidewall of your garage and are perfect for garages with tall ceilings. Another benefit is that they are incredibly silent.

In case you are uncertain about whichever garage door opener is ideal for your garage, then contact Calgary Garage Door Fix, and we will help you choose. Garage door opener repair cost usually calculated by the price of a new opener plus labor.