Guide To Modern Garage Doors: Ideas To Complement Your Home

If you’re thinking of upgrading your garage door, then you’re at the right place. A guide to modern garage doors is exactly what you need because there’s a variety of them available and it can become overwhelming. 

Our guide will be helpful because buying a new garage door is not as easy a process as it used to be with there being so many new models. Garage doors have evolved with the times. We’ll help with choosing from door styles and technology now available.

Unlike an old door, our modern garage doors are eco-friendly and energy-efficient which is exactly what you want. You can find a new garage door model to suit your front door perfectly too.

There are many beautiful options that come in a variety of colors and models. If you like a wooden door finish, steel doors now replicate wooden garage doors and last much longer.

Our garage doors will suit a standalone home, townhouse, shop, restaurant, and many more buildings. So, let’s look a bit closer so you can choose the best modern garage door for your home.

Garage Door Designs To Suit Modern Homes

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SteelCraft Garage Doors

SteelCraft garage doors are more simple and affordable designs that come in an array of unique colors. Many modern garage doors are designed to suit a unique architecture style and modern buildings. 

Our high-quality SteelCraft garage door aligns with a new modern garage door design. Not only are they designed to complement your home, but they are also incredibly durable and safe.

You will find a garage door model to suit every home, no matter the house style. You’ll also find these garage doors are a good investment because they last a lifetime if regularly serviced. They add great value to your modern home.

ThermoCraft Garage Doors

If you are worried about the cold, go for a ThemoCraft door. ThermoCraft garage doors are great for colder places because they’re manufactured to keep warmth in and the cold winter out. 

These contemporary doors are well insulated for a more consistent temperature inside, which is beneficial for keeping energy bills down. 

RanchCraft Ridgeline Garage Doors

If you want inset frameless glass at the top to let light in, choose the RanchCraft Ridgeline design. This style has a long panel design, and this look is great for large garages, including with an offset model. 

It’s made of high-grade Canadian steel panels, so it won’t corrode. They also have a high-quality fade-resistant coating applied, so no additional painting is needed. 

Mid-Century Modern Garage Doors

An original mid-century garage door looked beautiful in its day, but needed plenty of upkeep. Our Mid-Century Modern design is just as beautiful and lasts much longer. 

They offer inset glass at the top to let light in, and it combines two styles in one. Inlaid muntin bars can be added to the Mid-Century Modern doors for extra structural support. 

Flush Garage Doors

If you want to see out of your garage more, choose from the Flush Series. Many garage doors from this range have chic aesthetics and suit a modern house. 

They have flat panels with 3-window frameless glass and this range comes in the most number of Flush color door options including a charcoal black model. 

Contemporary Garage Doors

These modern garage doors have a classic look. It has perfectly clean lines with black aluminum frame windows. Strategically placed windows in the door let in outside light. 

You can choose from numerous window configurations and five different finishes with the Contemporary doors.

CarriageCraft Garage Doors

CarriageCraft garage doors have a distinctive, traditional design. They are well suited to a heritage house style. This modern garage door features attractive embossed wood grain paneling.

CarriageCraft doors come in five different colors. There are also numerous window configurations and three hinge and three handle options that you can add.

Esteem Garage Doors 

Add that special touch to your home’s overall appearance with the Esteem garage door. You can choose from more than 14 different window layout options for each door that blend perfectly with a modern or contemporary style. 

The transparent panels are sealed to the door frame to make them airtight. These doors work perfectly for both residential and commercial properties. The Esteem garage door has curb appeal and delivers on all fronts.

Amarr Garage Doors

Amarr garage doors are timeless and just like the SteelCraft garage doors, these are low maintenance and have a premium feel.

Classica, CarriageCourt and Hillcrest Series 

There are several doors to choose from in these ranges. The designs are suited to anyone who wants a traditional carriage door style garage with handles. 

Lincoln, Heritage, Olympus, and Vista Series 

This is the minimalist garage door series in this range. The Lincoln style door is highly durable, affordable, and there are 21 decorative options. 

If security is important, then a Heritage door is good as it is manufactured with heavy-gauge steel. The Olympus Series is designed to be quiet and it is very well insulated. 

Vista glass garage doors are for lots of light. They have many uses. You can have one fitted as rollup overhead door. You can also turn your garage into a studio with this model. Tinted glass model doors are available.

What Are Modern Garage Doors Made Of?

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Our garage doors are durable because they are manufactured out of steel. These Steel doors are ideal for climates with extreme weather because of their durability. You don’t need to worry as much about damage from the elements. 

The Safety Of Modern Garage Doors

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Steel doors are the best option for safety. Contemporary garage doors are more likely to drive off burglars compared with other styles because they are harder to break into


But if you don’t have one yet, there are a few things you can install such as safety sensors with a modern garage door opener. The sensors will detect movement in the door’s path and stop or reverse the door. 


Whether you’re ready to invest in a new quality garage door, or you need some maintenance done, the Calgary Garage Door Fix team is ready to provide first-class service.

Our trained professionals will provide a timely and excellent job with fair pricing. We’re the best in the business and will find the solution to any problems you may have with your door. 

We’ll also recommend the ultimate modern garage doors for your tastes and budget and provide a free estimate.