How to Prevent Garage Break-In in Calgary

While this may sound surprising, many Calgarians tend to be a bit lax when it comes to keeping their garage safe from break-ins. They mistakenly believe that everything will turn out just fine as long as they remember to close their garage doors shut.

What’s rather alarming is that garage break-ins can happen anytime. They could take place in the middle of the night or, in some cases, even in broad daylight. And if you’re not that knowledgeable about keeping your garage door shut, you might become the next target, as break-ins are on the rise in Calgary and surrounding areas.

As Calgary’s top-rated garage door supplier, we’ve gathered some of the most straightforward and practical ways to avoid garage break-ins. Read on to find out what these are to take the safety and security of your garage up a notch.

How to prevent Garage door break-in

Tip #1: Upgrade your garage door opener.

An automatic garage door opener that is attached to your garage door with a special type of locking mechanism will prevent anyone from easily forcing your door up from the outside. However, there are some nuances to that.

For example, old garage door openers may have worn out internal gears and sprockets, which may not be very effective in preventing forced entry.

Another Achilles heel is the locking mechanism, which can be unlocked from the outside by fishing in a thin metal wire with a hook at the end. Therefore, we suggest you secure that locking mechanism (trolley) with a small plastic zip-tie so no one can unlock it from the outside.

Some newer garage door openers come with even more safety features, such as a built-in security camera or an automatic lock that engages and disengages on opener command. The most sophisticated garage door opener that comes standard with an automatic lock is a new Jackshaft opener from Liftmaster, model 98022. This opener offers a quiet operation and is way more effective in preventing forced entry.

Tip #2: Upgrade your old door with a new garage door with Calgary Garage Door Fix.

Old wood garage door

Security experts share that your garage door can either drive off burglars or invite them to have a crack at breaking into your garage. The majority of break-ins target outdated, wood-panel garage doors that can be easily forced open with a swift kick or a vigorous shoulder shove. This is true if the door isn’t secured by a garage door opener.

This doesn’t mean that wood-panel garage doors are bad, though. Instead, it just tells us that if your garage door is already quite old, then it’s high time to get a newer and stronger replacement to prevent a possible break-in from happening sooner or later.

A very durable option regarding garage door material is steel, which is designed to face up to the harsh elements and intruders. Just make sure you install it correctly, though, to harness its security benefits fully. If you’re not confident with your DIY skills, you can also contact Calgary Garage Door Fix, and we will assist in installing a new garage door for your property.

Garage Door Exterior Light

Tip #3: Exterior lighting is crucial

You must have an exterior light installed outside your garage since most burglars in Calgary operate in low-light conditions or even in total darkness. Moreover, it’s not enough to have one put up. You also have to make sure that your exterior lighting is well away from reach so it won’t be susceptible to tampering.

Remember to regularly switch on your garage’s exterior lighting even if you’re not at home. This gives the impression to would-be burglars to stay away from your garage. Interestingly, many garage door models are available these days that already come with motion-activated lights and other modern security features. Pay even more attention to this tip if you have a back alley garage, as those are targeted the most. 

#4: Install a security camera

Having a security camera installed for your garage allows you to “observe” things 24/7. You can think of it as an extra electronic eye that does the seeing for you when you’re away or in bed.

Before installing a security camera for your garage, though, make it a point to trim or get rid of shrubs and bushes that would-be burglars can use to conceal themselves from the device’s line of sight. It is also smart to pinpoint the possible “blind spots” in and around your garage so you can make the necessary adjustments.

You may also consider killing two birds with one shot, and purchase a garage door opener with built-in camera. It will show you the inside of your garage at all times. Liftmaster offers a few models with built-in cameras, which are also compatible with an automatic lock for the ultimate protection.

Frosted and Tinted garage door glass

#5: Use frosted or tinted glass on your garage windows

If your garage door has windows in it, it would be helpful if they were tinted or frosted glass, so it isn’t easy to peek inside. Keeping your valuable belongings out of clear sight is a good strategy to prevent garage break-ins in Calgary. 

There are a number of options you can choose from if your garage door came with a clear glass as standard.

There is a wide variety of films you can purchase and apply to your current glass. This is more cost-effective than replacing the glass completely. A quick online search for the privacy film will yield a variety of options. 

Another course of action is ordering the original glass from the local garage company. This will be a more expensive but long-lasting solution, as the film might need to be re-applied every couple of years.

Lastly, you can source polycarbonate sheets and install them. Polycarbonate can also be tinted, providing the necessary privacy, but it is also extremely durable and harder to break compared to a standard glass.


Garage door lock

#6: Install a manual or automatic garage door lock

Having a physical lock preventing your garage door from opening can be a huge help when it comes to preventing garage door break-ins in Calgary. While some Liftmaster and Chamberlain garage door openers are compatible with automatic locks, you don’t have to have a fancy opener to be safe. A relatively cheap manual garage door lock can be installed to prevent the door from opening. You can reach out to Calgary Garage Door Fix for a manual garage door lock installation service.

Please note, while automatic lock will engage and disengage without your input, the manual lock can cause a serious damage to the whole system if you forget to unlock it before trying to open the door with the opener.

Social media

#7: Limit what you post on social media

With long Calgary winters, we can’t wait to hit the road once it warms up a bit outside. Going on vacations and similar trips not only helps you physically recuperate but also does wonders for your mental health. However, if you’re constantly posting your vacation plans or trip photos on your social media accounts each time you do so, there’s a huge risk that your garage is going to be a target for a break-in.

Save your uploads and posts until you get home, and you—and your garage—are going to be just fine.