8 Expert DIY Tips For Perfectly Painted Garage Doors

Is it time to paint your garage door? Do you want to have incredible-looking painted garage doors? 

At Calgary Garage Door Fix, we know everything about maintaining and painting your doors. Here are our expert tips for getting the best results.

Painted garage doors

What Do I Need For Painting Garage Doors?

Your garage is an extension of your home. It reflects the love and care that you put into maintaining your home. 

A smart-looking garage also adds tremendous value to your home! For a beautifully painted garage door, you need to do some planning. Here’s what you’ll need when painting:

  • Exterior primer: This primer will help your paint stick to the garage door so it won’t start flaking away, especially when you have old paint underneath.
  • Garage door paint: An acrylic latex exterior house paint is an excellent choice for most doors. Remember to get enough tins based on how many doors you need to paint and to do extra coats if necessary. Some paint types you can choose from are medium eggshell enamel, medium satin enamel, matte sheen, or semi gloss paints for a shiny appearance. Look for paint that resists dirt and moisture.
  • Painter’s tape: You’ll use the tape to define the edges and ensure a professional-looking exterior paint job.
  • Paintbrushes: A set of differently-sized paintbrushes will come in handy for painting certain areas.
  • Roller with a paint tray: A roller will help you quickly paint the stiles. You will pour paint into the tray after you’ve mixed it in the tin. It also helps you not to spill excess paint.
  • Painting cloth: You’ll need to lay drop cloth down to protect the area from drips when you paint.
  • Stir sticks: You will need to stir your paint to ensure it hasn’t separated before you start to paint. Don’t start until you have thoroughly mixed paint.
  • Step ladder: If you can’t reach the top of the door, a step ladder is an excellent tool to help you out.

Once you’ve got all the products and tools for the exterior painting of your garage door, it’s time to start working!

8 Steps For Perfectly Painted Garage Doors

At Calgary Garage Door Fix, we’ve refined the painting project to a simple 8-step formula. Follow these steps closely, and you’ll end up with beautiful-looking garage doors that boost your home’s curb appeal. 

Step 1: Choose Your Garage Door Paint

You’ll find great paints from any home improvement store. Remember, to paint a garage door, try to find exterior paint that’ll hold up longer in different weather conditions. 

We find that acrylic latex exterior house paints often work the best when you want to paint a garage door. You may have to shop around to find the correct exterior paint at the best price. 

Other options are eggshell enamel sheen, medium low matte, medium low satin enamel, or semi-gloss paint. You can also try a solid color wood stain.

Don’t be afraid to take some color samples and test them before committing. You’ll want to be sure the color matches your home’s exterior walls first. 

At the paint store, they should be able to advise you on how many coats you’ll need to paint.

You’ll also have to pick an exterior primer to help your fresh coat of paint stick.

Step 2: Prepare Your Door For Painting

Before you begin painting, lay down your drop cloth to protect the ground from drips. You don’t want dust and dirt to mix with your paint, so wash your garage door down.

You’ll only need a bucket with water, a washcloth and some soap. If your garage door trim and panels are particularly grimy, use a garden hose or power washer to clean them.

Step 3: Keep An Eye On The Weather

Before you begin your exterior painting efforts, check the weather forecast. It would be best if you always tried to paint your garage door on a mild and clear day.

The warmer weather will help dry your coats of paint quicker. If it starts to rain while you’re busy painting, it could ruin your finish.

If you’ll be priming your door first, wait for a window of time where the weather will be clear for a couple of days.

The primer will need at least 12 hours to dry before you can apply that beautiful coat of fresh paint.

Step 4: Cover Areas You Don’t Want To Paint

Depending on the design and style of your garage door, you may need to protect sections that you don’t want to paint.

Use painter’s tape to block off areas, for instance, on any rectangular recesses, patterns, or multiple color areas when you paint a garage door.

You’ll only need to do this if you’re using more than one color or you want to keep a certain pattern.

Step 5: Prime For Painting

A single, thin layer of exterior primer is more than enough if you’re priming. Use a paintbrush to prime the garage door. Always wash your paintbrush after painting. By doing so, you’ll be able to use it later again.

Suppose you have rust on your garage door. In that case, first follow our 6 quick ways to get rid of rust from your garage door!

You can skip priming if you’re only doing a touch up with the same color.

Step 6: Cover The Recesses

Take a paintbrush and start painting the garage door recesses. You should also use the paintbrush for corners and hard-to-reach areas carefully.

During this step, try to keep your paint off the stiles. The stiles are the raised edges on your garage door. You’ll ensure smooth, even coats by doing this.

When painting with a brush, try to maintain a wet edge on the brush. You don’t want it to drop, or it may run and streak.

Step 7: Paint The Stiles Next

Use your roller and pan to go over the stiles and all the panels efficiently. You’ll find that this part of the painting goes by fast.

If you can see through the first coat, you need to add another layer. Whether or not you need a second coat, third coat, or more depends on what’s underneath and the look you want in the end.

If the weather is warm with a breeze, you might only need to wait a few hours before the next coat. But to be safe, try to wait at least 12 hours.

Once your garage door’s coat of paint is smooth and even, you’re done! Keep any excess paint that you can use to hide minor surface imperfections in future with a brush up.

beautifully painted garage door

Step 8: Keep Your Garage Door Clean and Well Maintained

Well done on painting your garage! That’s a major part of a home’s exterior makeover that you’ve completed. Next, you’ll want to keep them clean. 

You’ll also want to remember these important things when lubricating your garage door.

When you do regular maintenance on your garage door trim and panels, it’ll stay beautiful for much longer!

Need More Advice For Great-Looking Painted Garage Doors?

At Calgary Garage Door Fix, we’ve been in the industry for many years. We can share even more fantastic expert tips for keeping your garage door looking good, such as choosing a quality paint brand and the right color to match your home. 

If you still need advice for painting your garage doors, contact us. We’ll be more than happy to share our expert advice with you. Happy painting!