5 Great Reasons Why You Need to Have a New Garage Door Now!

While this may sound surprising, investing in a new garage door is one of the most overlooked home improvement secrets you can get in on nowadays. Besides providing an extra boost of aesthetics for your home, getting one also offers lots of benefits regarding modern functionality and performance.


Are you still having difficulty deciding if you need to shop for a new garage door? Then, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we have gathered the best reasons why buying one will help improve your home in a very significant way.

investing in a new garage door

Great Reason #1: Having a new garage door adds a lot of value to your home

The most remarkable reason why you need to shop for a new garage door is the fact that getting one installed is sure to take your home’s curb appeal to a whole new level.


A study conducted by the Remodeling website discovered that getting a new garage door is the most profitable home improvement move concerning the return of investment (ROI) in the United States. Compared to other home remodeling projects that only have a recouping percentage of the mid-’70s and low-80’s, garage door replacement has a rate of 98.3%, which is the highest in the list.


So whether you’re simply sprucing up your home or prepping it up for selling shortly, getting your hands on a new garage door will definitely bump up your home’s overall value in a snap.

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Great Reason #2: Having a new garage door provides better security and insulation

Unlike their earlier counterparts, modern garage doors are engineered to keep the elements and intruders out and provide improved insulation, particularly during winter and summer.


Nowadays, most garage door options that you can get your hands on are made from more durable materials and flaunt many valuable features like a weather seal, which traps cool air when the weather is warm and augments heating during the winter.


This means that apart from giving your home better security and protection, getting a new garage door also helps you save money when your next utility bill arrives.

Great Reason #3: There are lots of garage door options to choose from

There are six (6) garage door styles that you can go for depending on your needs and preference. Some of them more popular then the others depending on your geographic location and availability:


  • Tilt-Up/Up and Over Retractable
  • Tilt-Up/Up and Over Canopy
  • Side-Hinged 
  • Slide to the Side
  • Roll-Up 
  • Sectional


While all of them are designed to provide adequate security and protection against the elements and intruders, each, in turn, offers a distinct attribute that makes them unique. Examples of these are Roll-Ups tend to be more sturdy and can be used in a commercial setting, while the Slide to the Side variety is an excellent option to go for if you’re a bit short on headroom.

Great Reason #4: Having a new garage door offers an extra storage room

Buying a stronger and more resilient garage door allows you to be more confident when it comes to storing stuff in your garage. It won’t be just a place for your car or tools anymore. This time, you can use your garage to put away a wide range of things from documents to footwear and even kitchen utensils. With the amount of security and protection that you’re getting, you can even convert part of your garage into a media space or a gaming refuge if you like.

Great Reason #5: Having a new garage door provides better performance and lots of high-tech options

What’s interesting about garage doors these days is that some models are designed to be compatible with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Apart from allowing you to open and close your garage door virtually anywhere using your phone, tablet, or any similar device, the add-ons they come with, like built-in security cameras and motion sensors, are also fantastic.

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