Are Insulated Roll-up Garage Doors Worth It (& Other Questions Answered)

Insulated roll-up garage doors offer great value to homeowners. They offer many advantages that traditional roll-up doors don’t, such as reducing your overall monthly costs and maximizing your space. 

If you’re unsure of how they’re different from other garage doors, read on to find out more. We’ll take you through all the perks and explain how something as simple as changing your garage door can reduce costs in your household.

What Are Insulated Roll-up Garage Doors?

insulated roll up garage doors

Insulated roll-up doors contain insulating material inside the door’s structure. The structure of these roll-up doors is made up of two separate galvanized steel panels containing slats that roll open, allowing space for the insulating material in between.

This is different from normal roll-up doors, which have only a single panel of metal or wood with no insulating material inside.

The insulating material acts as a barrier between the outdoors and the indoors. It creates a complete seal, keeping the temperature of the inside of your garage more constant by trapping the heat or cold air coming from outside.

The Benefits Of Insulated Garage Doors

A roll-up insulated garage door offers many perks beyond temperature control. Here are five key benefits to consider if you’re thinking about installing this type of garage door:

They Are Strong And Durable


An insulated roll-up door is made of steel, a more durable material than wood. This means they can take a beating from weather such as extreme winds or heavy snowfall. In addition, your property as well as belongings inside your garage will be safe from damage.

Their durability means they provide great protection for your car when it’s parked in your garage. In addition to protecting your vehicle from extreme weather, they provide security against theft and break-ins.

Your Insurance Premiums Could Decrease


The protection that insulated roll-up doors give your property and possessions can decrease your home insurance premiums. 

The doors have a smaller chance of breaking under extreme weather conditions or forced entry, as they’re sturdier than single panel garage doors. They keep your belongings inside more secure, thereby reducing the risk of damage to your property.

You’ll Save On Energy Costs


Insulated garage doors help maintain a constant temperature in both your garage and home. They improve your home’s energy efficiency.

Garages often have connecting doors leading into the home, used as an entrance to the main house once you have parked your car. This means when the outside temperatures drop during winter and you open that door, cold air can enter your home. The same happens in summer with hot air. When this is the case, your temperature control system needs to work harder to regulate the interior of your home.

Thus, an insulated roll-up door ensures you’ll spend less on your power bill as the insulation will improve temperature control. 

They’re Quiet To Operate

Insulated doors are quiet to operate, so there is noise reduction when compared to overhead doors or normal rolling doors. This is because the insulation foam absorbs vibration, thereby reducing any rattling sounds from the door. So, if you get home late or leave early in the morning, you won’t disturb the rest of your family when opening your garage door.

The insulating material on the interior skin of the door also blocks outside noise, so your garage will be much quieter than if you had regular rolling steel doors. 

They Increase Available Space In Your Garage


Roll-up doors are manufactured to go up in one direction, and this allows more free room in your garage than a push door. This will be important to you if you use our garage as a storage unit, which many families do.

They can be installed with a clearance of as little as 12-inches. The clearance is the area the door needs to be able to open and close, and having a smaller clearance space means you have more storage space in your garage.

How Does An Insulated Door Increase Home Value?

An insulated garage door adds value to your home for all the reasons we’ve mentioned above. It can be a sure selling point when advertising your home to sell or let out. 

A new door that is weather-resistant, quiet, reduces insurance premiums, improves security, and saves on energy costs is attractive to potential buyers of homes. They’ll want to know that they won’t need to replace it anytime soon and can save money because of it.

If you’re looking to increase your home’s value with an aesthetically pleasing style door, take a look at the garage doors we offer at Calgary Garage Door Fix. They’re great quality, are produced locally, and feature R10 insulation.

The Drawbacks Of Insulated Garage Doors

One of the only drawbacks of installing an insulated door is the initial cost. Insulated garage doors are more expensive than regular ones due to the specialized materials they’re made from. However, they are worth the extra investment when you consider the value you add to your property and savings you make on energy bills in the long run.  

FAQs About Insulated Garage Doors

What type of insulation is best for garage doors?

  • The best material for garage door insulation is fiberglass. This is the material used to insulate the walls in your home, so it makes sense that it’s used for your garage doors too.

What is the best R-value for a garage?

  • The R-value indicates how well insulated your door is. The best R-value range is between 9 and 12 for garages with temperature control systems.

How thick should my garage door insulation be?

  • Insulation is generally between 1 and 2 inches thick.

So, Is An Insulated Roll-up Garage Door Worth It?

Insulated roll-up doors offer great features so to put it simply, yes they are worth it. While they’re a bit pricier than regular garage doors, they offer many benefits that offset the cost and improve your home. 

These include maintaining a constant temperature, more security for your car, and reduced residential insurance premiums because they keep your belongings secure. They’re also more durable.

Insulated garage doors add value to your home, which means you can sell your home for more if you’re ever in the market to sell.


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