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"Calgary Garage Door Fix" Is a One stop shop for all your overhead door needs. Fast garage door installation, quality parts from the best brands, best repair, and maintenance service, years of experience, certified and Insured technicians, all this makes us The best garage door business in Calgary.


We replace broken springs, openers, cables, repair jammed overhead garage doors, grinding and humming noises, stripped gears, malfunctioning remotes and more.


Here are a few simple steps that will help you identify the problem and fix it before anything serious happens.


First of all, it is vital to create a checklist for all major garage door components and make sure you inspect them at least once a month. There is not too many of them, but all of them are equally important for your safety.


1. The most obvious thing is to look and listen how your garage door operates. Are there any squeaks and other noises? If the answer is positive, it should raise your suspicion, and you should investigate further. 

2. Proper lubrication of all door components is a must, it provides smooth operation and long life of your entire garage door system. Please note, most homeowners think using WD-40 for garage door lubrication is a good idea, and they're wrong. WD-40 is a de-greaser and it actually removes lubricant from your garage door components.  You should always use lithium-based grease for garage door lubrication. 

Garage door opener repair

3. Counterbalance system should be on your checklist. It is essential that all its components are in good shape, otherwise, it can lead to a severe injury.  You see, your garage door springs are taking all the weight off your garage door, so the opener shouldn't work as hard, but if your garage door spring or springs are worn out and you're unaware, it can lead to a damage of your overhead door opener, as it will be working much harder then it should. 

4. Keep in mind, if your door has two springs and only one of them broke, you'll have to replace both of them. Broken garage door springs are probably one of the most common failures, they wear over time and break. Depends on your garage door system design, you might have one or two springs. They are used to take off the weight of your door, so the heavier your garage door is, the bigger spring size you'll need.  


5. Check your overhead door cables as part of your inspection, if there is any sign that they are worn out, please don't take that risk and replace them immediately. If one of your cables will fail during operation, the whole door can get off track and it will be a much more difficult and expansive repair to perform. There are two brackets to which your cables are attached, those brackets get rusty over time and it can cause your cables to fall off. It usually happens when your garage door is in operation which can lead to a very dangerous situation.



6. If your garage door opener has some additional safety features, please refer to your owner's manual and make sure you check them on a regular basis. A reversing mechanism should be tested as well, it is pretty easy to do, just put something in the door’s path, and if your door isn't reversing after contact with the object, there is probably something wrong with the opener. 



7. In case you decide to install a new garage door, keep in mind, installing a new garage door is a difficult task, it can be dangerous and can result in a severe injury, so it's a good idea to let professionals do their job to make sure you and your family are safe. Contact "Calgary Garage Door Fix" and get your free garage door installation estimate!