Garage Door Replacement in Calgary. All You Need To Know.

Garage door replacement in Calgary can become a nightmare if not done properly. Any Calgarian contemplating replacing the garage door should consider multiple essential factors. Read this article before hiring a garage door supplier. You’ll have a much better chance of getting the best deal possible.

Some garage doors on the market aren’t suitable for the local climate. Yet, some suppliers won’t tell you that, as they only care about the profit margin. It’s also easy to get overcharged for a garage door replacement service in Calgary. So price shopping is highly encouraged.

As Calgary’s best-rated garage door repair company, we have an obligation to walk you through the process. A few tips will help you stay within your budget and ensure your new garage door won’t fall apart in two years. Energy consumption reduction is a big deal too. We’ll make sure you don’t lose money on heating your house because of a poor R-Rating.

Garage Door Replacement in Calgary. All You Need To Know.
  • Best garage door insulation for Calgary.
  • Best garage door brands available in Calgary.
  • Which brands to avoid for Calgary homes.
  • Lead times for replacing a garage door in Calgary.
  • How to take care of your new garage door in Calgary.

Garage Door Insulation Values for Calgary area.

It’s easy to get confused between garage door insulation values, as some manufacturers use R-Value while Steel-Craft uses T value. All you need to know is that they are very close. R-9 Insulated door will be equivalent to a T10 Insulated garage door.
We do not recommend purchasing any garage door with less than R-9 or T10 insulation for Calgary clients. R-9 Insulation offers around 90% in heat transfer reduction, making it an excellent way to reduce your energy bill.
Purchasing a garage door with a minimum or no insulation at all will be very expensive in the long run. Important to say, non-insulated garage doors are typically made of cheap components and will not last long.

Which Garage Door Brands are Available in Calgary?

Most garage door suppliers in Calgary offer 3-4 garage door brands. Steel-Craft, Amarr, Northwest, and Wayne Dalton. CHI, Clopay, and Overhead Doors are less popular garage doors in Calgary. Some smaller companies have minimal stock or have no stock at all. Instead, they purchase their doors from larger garage door distributors.

Which Garage Doors Are The Best in Calgary?

As a local garage door company, we work on dozens of doors every day. And we know what the best garage doors you can buy in Calgary are. At the number one position for the most reliable and well-built garage doors your money can buy in Calgary are doors made by Amarr and Steel-Craft. Those two brands are proven to withstand local climate challenges and provide excellent reliability over the years. Investing in a new garage door is a serious decision, and getting the right door by the right brand is essential.

What is Lead Times For Replacing a Garage Door In Calgary?

When it comes to availability, most garage door manufacturers are way behind of their schedule. It means that only standard white doors are usually in stock. Any special order can take months to show up from the factory. That leaves some customers no choice other than to replace their garage door with what’s available. For that reason, we strongly suggest planning your Calgary garage door replacement ahead of time. For emergency garage door installations where the door became unusable, we recommend choosing the Lincoln 3000 series garage door by Amarr or Thermo-Craft made by Steel-Craft. These doors are available with most local suppliers and can typically be installed in a matter of days.

Steel-Craft Garage Doors In Calgary

Steel-Craft is a Canadian manufacturer that offers a wide range of high-quality garage doors in different configurations. Garage doors manufactured by them are more affordable. However, their lead time can often be too much to handle. Some of our special orders are 4-5 months out, and the customers aren’t happy. Steel-Craft also offers a more affordable option if you’re going for higher insulation rates. For example, a T16 insulated garage door by Steel-Craft will be at least $600 cheaper than the equivalent garage door by Amarr.

16x7 Steel Craft Thermo Craft White

Amarr Garage Doors In Calgary

Amarr is one of the largest garage door brands in North America. They offer a wide range of garage doors, from Full-View modern glass garage doors to Carriage style doors that provide a more classic look. The most common insulation value for Amarr garage doors in Calgary is R9, adequate for the local climate. However, upgrading to a more energy-efficient door will lead to a significant price increase. The lead time for Amarr garage doors isn’t terrible. White doors are always available with most local suppliers, and special orders will get here in about 8 to 12 weeks.

Which Garage Door Brand in Calgary to Avoid?

While providing garage door repair and maintenance service in Calgary daily, we noticed that one particular brand doesn’t do well in the local climate. Wayne Dalton is one of the largest garage door brands, but their product doesn’t do well in the northern environment. Besides the fact that most Wayne Dalton garage doors come with specially designed Torquemaster springs, their garage doors are incredibly susceptible to rust. We’ve seen neighborhoods that are less than two years old getting an unnatural amount of rust on the lover section, rollers, brackets, and cables. While we believe Wayne Dalton residential garage doors may have their place in the US market, we feel their products need to be adapted to the northern climate to satisfy local clients.

Which Garage Door Brand to Avoid in Calgary

How to Take Care of a New Garage Door in Calgary?

Once you have your new garage door installed, don’t be the person who neglects to maintain their investment. Any residential garage door has dozens of moving parts that need to be lubricated regularly. If you like to keep your garage door operating smoothly, get yourself a good lubricant and use it at least once a year. Alternatively, you can hire a local garage door company that provides maintenance service, and they will do it for you professionally.
One crucial procedure you have to do every day during the winter is clearing your garage from water. When the snow melts and falls off your vehicle, it will find its way to the corners of your garage door. Ensure you take the water out regularly to avoid corrosion damage to a brand new garage door.

If you’re thinking about buying a new garage door in Calgary but feel overwhelmed, contact Calgary Garage Door Fix, and we’ll be happy to assist.