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Even though garage doors usually break at the worst possible moment, our skilled team of garage door repair technicians will make sure it's up and running again in the blink of an eye! 


Suppose you're leaving the house to go on vacation or a business trip, or you're running late for an important meeting, and your garage door isn't cooperating. We know how awful it feels when that happens, and we have one of our garage door technicians available in South West Calgary to help you right now


We offer same-day garage door repair Calgary service for 95% of our clients. The only exceptions are custom garage door parts that we don't have in stock or complete door installation, which requires a few extra steps to finalize the order.

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Faulty springs or openers are the most common garage door issues; however, even a small problem with one of your garage door rollers can result in a much bigger problem over time.  It's always a great idea to have our technicians perform annual preventative maintenance.  


Give us a call at 403-990-9536, and we'll do our best to fix your garage door ASAP. 

We aim to be the most cost-effective garage door repair company in Canada by using the best quality parts at the most affordable prices possible. Don't hesitate to call us and find out what we can do for you! 

List of Calgary South West Communities covered by our Garage Door Repair Services

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. "Is there a service call fee for garage door repair services in Calgary?"

- "Calgary Garage Door Fix" DOESN'T charge a service call fee. Simply request a service via our website or call (403) 990-9536. Online maintenance requests can be initiated within minutes.

2. "How much does it cost to replace a garage door spring?"

- "We charge between $125 and $175 per sping, including parts and labor. The price will depend on the size of the spring we'll have to use in order to balance the door properly."

3. "How much does it cost to replace garage door cables?"

-"Our standard price for garage door cables replacement is $180+GST. It includes replacement of both cables, bottom brackets, and rollers if those are rusty. In some cases, the price can be higher if your garage door is off tracks and requires other repairs such as hinges and rollers replacement."

4. "How much does it cost to replace a garage door opener?"

 -"We only use Lift Master garage door openers as we find them really reliable and cost-effective. The price starts at $500+GST, including parts and labor, and goes up depending on the model and configuration of the garage door opener."

5. "Do you install new garage doors?"

 -"Yes we do, contact us with more information and we'll be able to give you a quote on your new garage door."

6. "How much does it cost to have my garage door serviced?"

 -"A simple garage door service costs only $80 +GST and includes garage door lubrication and full inspection. You will get a list of recommendations once the inspection is completed."

7. "Are you working across Calgary?"

 -"We provide garage door repair and installation services across Calgary, including SouthEast, SouthWest, NorthEast, and NorthWest areas."

8. "Do you accept credit cards?"

 -"Yes, any card works and there are no discounts for cash payments."

Services We Offer:
  • Springs Replacement
  • Cables Replacement
  • Opener Replacement
  • Garage Door Installation
  • Garage Door Maintenance
  • Commercial door services
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