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Are your garage doors out of balance? Is your opener out of order? Would you like a professional to perform a detailed inspection and perform maintenance actions to prolong the lifespan of your door?

Calgary Garage Door Fix is there for all the garage door repair Okotoks residents need. Residential and commercial clients can count on our expertise and skills to fix any issue and install new components if necessary.

Don’t hesitate to give us a call to discuss your requirements and receive a quote!

Garage door springs repair Okotoks

Springs are an important component of your overhead garage door.

First, they ensure that the doors are safe to use. At the same time, springs make sure that you can use the door properly, which means you can open and close them smoothly.

Although premium springs are durable, they suffer from wear and tear over time. Inadequate use might also break the springs, which requires their immediate replacement.

Your door might have extensions springs on top of the upper tracks, or torsion springs, which are situated over the garage door when you close them.

Either way, tension is a normal occurrence for your strings. While the manufacturers design them to withstand tension, it is imperative that they operate flawlessly. Any problem could disrupt the door’s balance and operation and be a safety risk.

If you notice that your doors are not opening and closing silently and smoothly, springs might be the problem.

That is why you call should our garage door repair Okotoks experts as soon as you notice there is an issue with your door. We will arrive at your location as soon as possible, and resolve the problem efficiently!

Garage door Cable Repair Okotoks

Cables are an integral part of traditional garage doors. Moisture and frequent uses are their biggest enemy and the main causes of replacements.

It is imperative to change garage door cables regularly for your safety. Preventive actions might expand their lifespan, which is why the experts recommend inspecting cables at least every three months.

Despite regular maintenance, a replacement might be necessary every several years.

If you don’t maintain and replace your cables on time, you risk the cable snapping and destroying your door.

And requiring a new door will be the least of your problems if they damage your vehicle and other possessions.

Garage door Maintenance Okotoks

If you want your garage doors to last for a long time, regular maintenance is imperative. You can’t install your doors and think they will last for years.

The experts recommend performing garage door inspection and maintenance at least once a year.

Our experts in garage door repair Okotoks will provide a full garage door inspection at an affordable price.

That includes a detailed inspection of the opener, replacement of any broken rollers, as well as lubrication and balancing the door.

Regular maintenance can resolve any minor issues and prevent them from becoming huge repairs that require a costly investment.

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Garage door Opener Repair Okotoks

Ever since they appeared decades ago, electric garage door openers have been a great hit. These components are very convenient because you can open the door without leaving the vehicle.

If you acquired a high-quality opener and let a professional install it, the chances are it will last for a long time.

However, you cannot predict what might go wrong over time. Gears are prone to damage from wear and tear, and storms and lightning strikes can damage electronic components of your opener.

You can count on our garage door repair Okotoks team to repair or replace your electric garage door opener. We will assess the situation and recommend the best course of action.

If we replace your opener, you will receive a new one with a warranty.

We offer a wide choice of garage door openers, including:

  • Chain-drive opener – a very affordable option with decent durability.

  • Belt drive opener – this is a component that offers quiet operation.

  • Screw drive opener – an opener that is a suitable choice for climates with big temperature changes and severe weather conditions.

  • Jack-shaft opener – unlike others that go on the ceiling, this opener is mounted on a sidewall.

Garage door Components repair Okotoks

Garage door components will depend on the type and specifics of the door you select.

Let’s take a look at the list of main components that might be a part of your garage door:

  • Springs – your doors might have extension springs or torsion to regulate their balance. You will find springs perpendicular to your door once you close them.

  • Door panels – these sections are the main aesthetic component of your door. Their task is to ensure the garage door looks nice, and you can choose from a wide range of materials and colors.

  • Hinges – it is necessary for the hinges to be of strong material, such as durable steel. Their task is to hold the door when they are in a closed and upright position.

  • Rollers – your door might have rollers that secure a quiet and smooth operation.

  • Custom-fit tracks – the task of this component is to promote the stability and lifespan of your door.

  • Weatherstripping – these are seals that have the task of improving the resistance of your garage door to bad weather and other environmental factors.

Whether you want to strengthen your hinges, replace panels, or improve weather resistance, our company is at your service!

24/7 Okotoks Garage Door Repair

You never know when you will need a garage door repair Okotoks team that can respond promptly.

What if your cable snaps in the middle of the night? What if your opener won’t work and you need to go on a trip in the morning?

That is why our experts are at your disposal around the clock.

Whether it is the middle of the night, Sunday, or a public holiday, feel free to call our emergency line. We will send an expert your way and repair your problem professionally and efficiently.

Why Choose Calgary Garage Door Fix?

If you are looking for garage door professionals, here is why you should choose Calgary Garage Door Fix:

  • All-around service – whether you need a minor fix or complete garage door replacement, we are at your service.

  • Free and no-obligation quote – we will listen to all your requests and provide a free non-obligatory quote.

  • Affordable rates – our team firmly believes that our services provide excellent value for money.

  • Professional and reliable – we have years of experience and vast knowledge about garage doors. Our team approaches every project professionally and makes sure to do the job right the first time.

  • Same day service – we do our best to be as efficient as possible. That is why we come to your location the same day and finish the project in the shortest possible timeframe.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. "Is there a service call fee for garage door repair services in Okotoks?"

- "Calgary Garage Door Fix" DOESN'T charge service call fee. Simply request a service via our website or call (403) 990-9536. Online maintenance requests can be initiated within minutes.

2. "How much does it cost to replace a garage door spring?"

- "We charge between $125 and $175 per sping, including parts and labor. The price will depend on the size of the spring we'll have to use in order to balance the door properly."

3. "How much does it cost to replace a garage door cables?"

-"Our standard price for garage door cables replacement is $180+GST. It includes replacement of both cables, bottom brackets, and rollers if those are rusty. In some cases, the price can be higher if your garage door is off tracks and requires other repairs such as hinges and rollers replacement."

4. "How much does it cost to replace a garage door opener?"

 -"We only use Lift Master garage door openers as we find them really reliable and cost-effective. The price starts at $500+GST, including parts and labor and goes up depending on the model and configuration of the garage door opener."

5. "Do you install new garage doors?"

 -"Yes we do, contact us with more information and we'll be able to give you a quote on your new garage door."

6. "How much does it cost to have my garage door serviced?"

 -"A simple garage door service costs only $80 +GST and includes garage door lubrication and full inspection. You will get a list of recommendations once the inspection is completed."

7. "Are you working across Okotoks?"

 -"We provide garage door repair and installation services across Okotoks and surrounding areas."

8. "Do you accept credit cards?"

 -"Yes, any card works and there are no discounts for cash payments."

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