Calgary Garage Door Repair Prices

We are completely transparent with our prices and there are no hidden fees! All prices include parts, labor, and a 1-year warranty!

Here you'll be able to find approximate pricing for different garage door repair services we provide for our Calgary customers.  Please note, these prices are not guaranteed, our technicians will be able to give you more accurate prices once they see your entire door condition, identify the issue and determine what kind of repair is required to bring your door back to life

Prices for garage door opener replacement start from 580$+GST. Prices may vary depending on the model of the opener.

We Charge between 125$ and 175$ for each torsion spring replacement on a double spring setup.

Single spring replacement is 220$ fixed price.

If You have a Torquemaster spring (hidden inside a metal tube) We'll have to make a conversion to a standard system. This service costs 420$+GST

Our Prices for Torsion garage door Cables replacement vary from 180 to 245$

If You have a Torquemaster system(spring is hidden inside a metal tube) We'll have to make a conversion to a standard system. This service costs 420$+GST

Our Prices for garage door sensors replacement vary from 120 to 180$

Our Prices for garage door hinges and rollers replacement are 10$ for each roller or hinge.

Most Garage door repairs aren't difficult to perform for those who're familiar with other DIY home projects. The problem is, most home-owner underestimate the danger that comes with such repairs if the steps haven't been followed correctly. There are two main rules you need to follow if you would like to repair your overhead door by your self. 

Rule number one. Whatever you do, do not attempt repairing your door if it's not in a fully closed position.

Rule number two: Always make sure your garage door spring is NOT under tension before touching your garage door cables or bottom brackets where they're attached to. 

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