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8 Garage Door Maintenance Tips Every Homeowner Should Know.

Homeowners often overlook garage door maintenance when undertaking home improvement projects. Yet garage doors, especially overhead garage doors, are the largest moving object in the home and experience the most wear and tear. It is advisable to do regular inspection and maintenance services on your garage doors.

This will mitigate the chances of a sudden huge bill on garage door repair services, or worse, a total replacement. Besides, the last thing you want is a stuck garage door when you are running late for work. These simple maintenance tips will keep your garage door in excellent working condition and guarantee longevity.


1. Observe and listen.

The simplest garage door maintenance tip is to just observe and listen to the garage door when opening and closing it. Does it move smoothly or does it seem jerky in certain places? Is it making scraping and grinding noises or does it operate smoothly? Are both sides of the pulleys, cables, and springs symmetrical? You can make your own diagnosis before calling in a professional to handle the problems. It also makes it easier to estimate how much it will cost you to have the problem solved.

If you notice any problems, don’t tinker with the cables that lift the door. They have enough force to cause serious bodily harm if they snap. Instead, call in a professional despite how easy the job seems to fix yourself.


2. Examine the garage door itself.

It is also advisable to inspect the garage door itself. If you have a wooden garage door, check for water damage, warps, and chipped or peeling paint. For steel garage doors, look out for rusty spots. All these might need sanding, priming, and repainting. Clean your garage door as regularly as you can. Clean the tracks and clear out any debris along the tracks.


3. Regularly lubricate the garage door’s moving parts.

A garage door lubricant is as cheap as $15. Compared to the cost of having to replace a part that wore out due to too much friction, that’s spare change. Maintenance that’s as simple as regularly lubricating your door’s moving parts goes a long way. Lubricating the hinges, rollers, and tracks will keep your garage door operating smoothly and properly.

While lubricating your garage doors, you should also check for any loose hardware such as bolts and brackets. It is quite common for the hardware to loosen over time as the garage door moves several times a day. Ensure that any loose hardware is properly tightened. Remember to also check for other damage.


4. Test the auto-reverse safety feature.

Some overhead garage doors have an auto-reverse safety feature. It is intended to detect objects and people and stop the garage door’s movements to prevent injury. It is important to test the feature every once in a while to ensure it is functioning as it should. While people might see a moving garage door and get out of the way, an object can’t.

If the feature isn’t working, your garage door will be prone to catching onto things and you might need to budget for repairs and a paint job soon. Or worse, someone could get injured. 

Activate the auto-reverse feature and place a large piece of wood underneath the door to see if the door will automatically reverse. This simple garage door maintenance tip will save you from unexpected but easily avoidable costs.


5. Ensure that the garage door is properly balanced.

Imbalance on your garage doors makes it hard for the openers to work properly. They also won’t last long and you will have to budget for new openers. You can check for a balanced garage door by releasing the handle to disconnect the opener and lowering the overhead garage door halfway. A balanced garage door will hold this position without any help. A poorly balanced garage door will either ride up or fall, which means you need to have the spring’s tension adjusted. Call us at (403) 990-9536 to have our professionals correct the imbalance.


6.  Replace or repair the door’s weatherstripping.

Your garage door probably has rubber weatherstripping at the bottom to keep out water, dirt, and dust while also keeping the temperature inside the garage at a steady level. Periodic inspections will ensure that the weatherstripping is in good shape. In case you notice any wear and tear, you can always find spare garage door weatherstripping at the local hardware store. You can simply reattach the loose spots or replace the entire strip if it is badly worn out.


7. A simple paint job can go a long way in giving your garage door a long life.

Sometimes, you don’t have to wait for damage to occur to do repairs; you can be proactive as well. Doing a repaint job at least once a year can help shield the garage door against damage such as rust and warping. It will go a long way in giving your garage door longevity and durability. Ensure that the bottom edges are also well sealed before painting. And always clean the garage door before you start a paint job.


8. Reinforce your garage door.

Calgary commonly hosts long, freezing winters that damage garage doors. And heavy rain and snowfall also take their toll. Hence, it is advisable to reinforce your garage door before the weather turns inclement and the temperature drops. Ensure that your garage door has no holes or openings and that it is properly shielded to prevent damage when the weather turns bad.

Above all, good garage door maintenance starts with the proper installation of your garage doors. If that step isn’t done right, you will find yourself having to repair your garage door all the time.

Calgary Garage Door Fix provides quality garage door installation services at pocket-friendly rates. Your garage door takes up a large part of your house’s exterior, serving not only as an entryway to the garage, but also as a major part of the overall aesthetic of your property. Every garage door needs some regular TLC to stay clean and in excellent condition. You can always count on us for professional garage door maintenance services, so get in touch with us today.

Our services include full garage door inspection, rebalancing, rollers replacement, lubrication, and garage door opener inspection for only $79. If you have any questions about our garage door services or need garage door tips, we’ll be waiting for your call.

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