The Pros and Cons of Smart Garage Door Openers.

The Pros and Cons of Smart Garage Door Openers

In this day and age, it’s not uncommon to see an app for almost everything that we use in our daily lives. So whether it’s for brewing a cup of coffee or doing the laundry, there’s always a corresponding app that makes the whole thing more convenient.


One remarkable example of this is a smart garage door opener. Apart from giving you total control of your garage door practically wherever you may be, you can also install its matching app on various devices like your phone or tablet.


Looking to upgrade your garage door but still can’t decide if smart garage door openers are the way to go? Then you’ve come to the right place. Check out the rest of this article so we can help you make an informed decision.

Let’s start things off with the pros:

Pro #1: Smart garage door openers make opening and closing garage doors almost effortless.

What makes smart garage door openers stand out is the very high level of convenience that they offer. All you need to do is install the corresponding app that goes with the hardware on your preferred device, and you’re good to go.


Apart from giving you the comfort and ease of opening or closing your garage door with a quick tap on your phone and tablet, you are also in for some excellent security features. These include receiving notifications if your door has been left open for a long time or if somebody is trying to get inside forcibly.

Interestingly, some smart garage door opener models also have a built-in security camera, which will add an extra layer of home protection.

Pro #2: Smart garage door openers are designed to take safety up a notch.

smart garage door opener home safety

Most smart garage door openers currently on the market are equipped with high-tech detection and sensor systems. Apart from being engineered to thoroughly scan their line of path before their hardware mechanisms kick in to avoid prematurely closing the garage door. They are also fitted with electronic force detection monitoring that will trigger door reversal as soon as the opener wil sense that something is off.
With garage doors having quite a substantial amount of weight, these detection and sensor systems help keep the possibility of injury and death at bay. This is why smart garage door openers are pretty popular among households with young children, pets, and family members who have disabilities.

Pro #3. You can’t lose a smart garage door opener’s remote.

If you’re like most people, there is a good chance that you’ve already lost a remote control or two. However, this is something that won’t ever happen when you invest in a smart garage door opener. Once you finish installing the corresponding app on your phone or tablet, your device can now be used as a remote control for your garage door.


Moreover, frequently changing batteries is a thing of the past when you’ve got a smart garage door opener. Besides being a hassle, especially when you need to get in or out of your carport fast, some batteries tend to be a bit expensive as well. However, when it comes to smart garage door openers, you only need to recharge your device, and you’re all set.

garage door opener App

Pro #4: Smart garage door openers can be linked up with other home security gadgets.

home security with garage door opener

Some smart garage door openers nowadays can be programmed to integrate with home lights, security cameras, door locks, and smoke detectors. This attribute makes these modern devices a great option if you aim for maximum home protection without a fuss. There are tons of home authomation apps that can transform any home ito a smart home, and smart garage door openers can be linked to the whole system, making your home even “smarter”.


Now here are the cons:

Con #1: Smart garage door openers may have more complex installation and maintenance requirements.

garage door maintenance issues

Compared to their traditional counterparts, smart garage door openers will take more time to get set up correctly if you decide to DIY.


Apart from the intricate wiring and some technical expertise needed to make the whole thing work, it can also possibly mean that if you get stuck during installation, you’ll need to hire a professional garage door company anyways in order to complete the job for you, which may lead to extra cost. Therefore it is a good idea to hire a garage door technician from the get-go if you’re not one hundred percent confident in your technical abilities. This will save you time and money.

Con #2: Smart garage door openers can be susceptible to hacking.

hacking a garage door opener

While they may be designed to let you conveniently fend off intruders from your garage and home using your phone, tablet, or any other similar device, being a bit careless with your smart garage door opener app’s privacy settings can lead to hacking. Besides exposing your home to burglars, hackers can also get other sensitive information from your device. Therefore, having one installed requires utmost responsibility and secrecy to avoid compromising your home’s security. Always make sure you dowload an app from the official sourse, as some creative hackers might modify a popular app in order to get access to your cellphone. 

Con #3: Smart garage door openers are more expensive.

With the loads of modern technology they are packed with, it’s not surprising that smart garage door openers have a steeper price tag than their traditional cousins. Of course, their usual add-ons like motion detectors and Wi-Fi capabilities will add a few hundred dollars to the total price, but this is money well spent for the most part.

Be aware. You might find a lucrative deal at your local store where you find a garage door opener from an unknown brand, which might have lots of features in it and at a great price. But cheap openers that promise the world often don’t turn out to be a good investment.

price of smart garage door opener

The Bottom Line

When it comes to giving your garage the modern security and protection it needs that you can control right from your device, you should consider getting a smart garage door opener. If the added cost and the complex maintenance requirements are not an issue with you, then, by all means, go for it. Contact us to learn more.

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