Garage door installation guide

Step 1. Tidy up your garage ahead of time. In addition to relocating your vehicles, ensure that any equipment, tools, bikes, etc., are put away or transferred to the rear of the garage. At least the first fifty percent of your garage must be cleared. This not only provides your installers adequate space to do the job but ensures your possessions will not be accidentally damaged in the installation process.


Step 2. Relocate your cars. If you keep your cars in the garage, make sure you relocate them out to the roadway ahead of the time to allow your installer to position their service vehicle near the garage. Doing so will provide plenty of space for your installation team to work with and allow easy access to the area around their service vehicle without running the risk of damage to your cars.


Step 3. Ensure that your family members and pets are at a safe distance from the workspace. Disassembling your old garage door and installing your new one involves heavy and dangerous tools. For your family’s safety, the only people who should be in your garage or driveway throughout this operation are the installation team.


Step 4. You want to discuss any distinct conditions or concerns you may have with your installer before they arrive for your garage door replacement. If you have any essential demands, it is a good idea to discuss all the important points before the team starts to disassemble your old garage door.


Step 5. Prepare questions to ask your installers

The last step to get ready for your coming overhead door installation is to think of any questions you may have for your installers relating to upkeep, safety inspections, warranty, etc. It is an excellent time to ask all the questions before they leave. They should supply you with maintenance tips and all the documentation for your new overhead garage door.


Step 6. Enjoy your new overhead door and tell your neighbors about your experience with the garage door business and the installation crew in particular. Odds are, some of your neighbors will be replacing their garage door at some point in time, and you would assist them a lot by sharing your personal experience. You could spare them time to research local garage door companies, and you could potentially save them from choosing a company that will end up being a complete catastrophe.