Garage Door Troubleshooting Guide

Your Overhead garage door is the largest moving part of your house, and we often take it for granted. Still, unfortunately, if not maintained adequately, it can fail, causing major inconveniences or, in some cases, pretty serious injuries.

In most cases, a professional garage door repair service may be required if your door doesn’t operate properly. Still, luckily, there are some steps any homeowner can take to diagnose and even fix their garage door issue without spending a dollar on hiring a garage door professional.

Several garage door components can prevent your door from proper operation if not maintained or broken. Some of them are garage door openers, torsion springs, safety sensors, rollers, etc. And knowing how to diagnose them accurately can be extremely beneficial if you’re trying to avoid calling a garage door repair company.

Oftentimes, if your garage door won’t go up as soon as you press the button on your remote, the first thing that comes to your mind is that you need to call someone ASAP to get it fixed. People usually panic because they have their vehicles stuck inside, and they don’t do proper research and call the first guys that pop up in Google, which in most cases, is a big mistake. In reality, there’re some steps you can take to troubleshoot your garage door issue before calling for help.

After completing all eight steps from the easy-to-follow Infographic posted on this page, you’ll be able to determine how severe the problem is.

Following this guide will take about 10 minutes of your time, but once completed, you’ll know for sure if you need the help of a professional or not. It might also help you understand the problem, so even if you have to call your local garage door repair company, you’ll be able to explain the issue based on your findings.

Garage door troubleshooter guide