Garage Door Prices

One of the greatest considerations you have to be keen on when purchasing a garage door is the price. Garage door prices can vary significantly. There are a number of factors that are very important to consider when looking into garage door prices.

Some of these factors are based on the type, size, and many other aspects of garage door designs and options. We are going to look into a number of factors that you should consider when deciding on which kind of door to go for in relation to the price.

What Effects a Garage Door Price?

The door size.

There is a great variation of garage door sizes. The price is therefore meant to vary with the size of the door. Large door sizes would call for larger pricing, while the latter would call for lower pricing. However, door size isn’t really something you can choose down the road. You need to pick the same size as your garage door frame. Otherwise, it won’t fit.

There are lots of standard sizes. However, the most common double garage door size is 16×7 feet.

Types of Garage Doors

We have quite a large variety of garage door types, but the most common one is a folding panel type. There is a wide variety of different garage door designs and options, including special colors like a Dark Brown garage door or a Golden Oak color. You can also choose from a variety of different window types along with types of glass that are used in the windows. The bottom line is these days, you can find almost any design you could think of to satisfy your creativity.

Overhead Door Installation Cost

Overhead Door Installation cost affects the final price of your door pretty significantly. Keep in mind that installers have to remove your old door first, install a completely new setup, and dispose of your old garage door.

That’s why installation itself can take up to 50-60% of the total amount you pay for your new garage door.


Many materials are used to craft garage doors. We have wooden garage doors, steel made, aluminum made, fiberglass, and composite models. All these have their own advantages and disadvantages that directly affect their pricing.

Depending on the materials you choose, the price greatly varies, and to be flexible enough, you should adjust your budget to suit the door made of the material of your choice.

Where You Purchase Your Garage Door?

Different sellers have different pricing for garage doors. All of us have preferences for everything, and the place where we purchase our things is not an exception. The price is, therefore, to vary with the seller and the brand they offer.

One type of garage door could have very different prices depending on the sellers. They vary their prices depending on a number of factors such as backorders, the popularity of a particular model for the specific city area, etc.

Commercial vs residential.

It is important to talk about this because it houses almost all the factors above and many others we have not discussed. Basically, a commercial garage door is never the same as a residential garage door. Door sizes, the type, and of course, the price may vary with this factor. It all depends on the requirement and how much you are ready to spend.

Additional costs.

Many other factors come with the purchase of a garage door. You might need to make other purchases alongside the garage door, such as a garage door opener.

You should then be ready to include that in your budget in order to decide on the right garage door prices.

If you contact a company for the garage door project, you might need to consider additional costs. Removing the old door, installing the new one, disposing of the old one, and many others that affect the specific garage door prices.

Single vs. double.

We might have mentioned something about the door type and the installation cost above. Here is a major scale of how the type can affect the price. There are single doors and double garage doors. Double garage doors are more expensive because of the materials and manufacturing process involved in making them.

Final Word.

Different homeowners have different preferences and choices, leave alone the requirements that are a mandatory consideration. We may have seen that either directly or indirectly, all these factors affect the garage door prices in one way or another.

Our basic guide above is very important in helping you establish all that is attached to garage doors’ pricing. After going through it keenly, you may notice that some factors are just peripheral, and their effect is indirect, but the magnitude of the effect they have on the price is tangible.

Consider all the factors, even those that seem minute, before deciding which price is suitable and what you are ready to spend.