Garage Door Openers Explained

If there is one part of your house that works the most, it is your garage door opener. For that reason, your home needs a good quality garage door opener that would provide a high level of security and offer at least basic safety features.

Calgary residents need to take into account a few important factors when shopping for a new unit. One of them being the ability of a new opener to withstand rapid temperature fluctuations.

Cheaper openers can operate just fine during summer months, but cause you a whole bunch of problems with the first drop below zero degrees. We have sampled out several garage door openers that will go a long way in helping you find the best garage door opener Calgary trusts.

An Overhead garage door opener is one of the pieces of equipment crucial for the functionality of your home. There are several types of garage door openers, and each one offers different perks. But choosing the right opener is only 50% of the deal, you also need to find a reliable company that can install the unit safely. That’s why Calgary Garage Door Fix offers free installation with each garage door opener purchase

Different Types of Garage Door Openers.

As we said before, there are many different types of garage door openers that you can choose from, but the most common types that can suit your Calgary home range between the below discussed two types:

Chain drive garage door opener.

You may want to consider the chain drive opener if you are on a limited budget, as chain openers are a little cheaper. The chain drive door opener can be the best suit for a detached garage, as the only noticeable problem with this kind of garage door opener is that it is a little noisy compared to the others. But still, it is a very common opener type in many properties around Calgary.


Chain drive garage door openers are often heavy-duty and comparably efficient. A chain drive door opener requires a little more maintenance, including regular inspections and lubrication, if you expect it to perform best. If you go for one of this type, be ready to keep up with the maintenance options available for great results.

Belt drive garage door openers.

Belt drive garage door openers are among the most silent pieces of equipment that you can

have for your overhead garage door. The mechanism is the most significant reason behind this. This type of opener utilizes a durable composite belt instead of a chain, which makes it really silent. For this reason, it’s a great choice if you have a bedroom right above your garage.

Belt drive door openers are a good fit for many garage door styles and boast high levels of efficiency for Calgary homes.

As we already know, there is a difference in what people like and dislike. We may have talked about chain drive and belt drive models of garage door openers, but you may get confused, and it can be tough to pick the right one. That’s why consulting with us would be a good start in the process.

Smart Garage Door Openers that Smart People of Calgary Use

Have you ever being in a situation when you’re on the way to your vacation, and suddenly realizing that you might leave your stove on, or maybe you left your garage door open? While there’s not much you can do about the stove, having a MyQ enabled garage door opener would solve your garage door situation.  All modern Liftmaster openers are equipped with a Wi-Fi antenna that allows you to control your overhead garage door from anywhere in the world.  So checking if you’ve left your garage door open will only take a few seconds.

Monitoring your garage door even when you are far away from home is only a factor for one who owns advanced equipment like the latest Liftmaster or Chamberlain Openers.

The smart door opener comes with built-in features that help you monitor what is specifically happening to the garage door at a given moment in time, even when you are far from home. All the control options are readily available to you anywhere you are through your mobile device.

When we talk about modernity, we mean that in every sense of the word since the smart garage door openers allow several advanced real-time options for your home, including google assistance that adds to your comfort and possibility of voice command.

However, this largely depends on the specific model you settle on. It can sync many other third-party applications like Amazon Alexa and apple home to make the efficiency even better. This implies that there is an option for everyone on door openers, no matter the level of knowledge involved.

Things to Consider Before Buying a New Opener.

Is there an existing opener installed, or will it be a brand new installation? Sometimes there’s just not enough room in your garage to install a conventional overhead garage door opener. In that case, you might want to consider investing in a more expensive yet more compact garage door opener of a third type that we didn’t mention above. It’s the jackshaft garage door opener. This type doesn’t use a chain nor belt. It attaches to the metal shaft from the side and opens and closing your door by shaft rotation.

Do you involve a professional?

Depending on the door opener you select for your Calgary home, you may want to involve a professional in installing and maintaining it. Some types are difficult to install if you are a DIYer and thus may limit your choice. This is precisely why you ought to ask yourself if you need the services of a professional in this before you settle on a certain opener type.

Garage Door Openers - Final Word

A good garage door opener is partly a choice and partially a limited option depending on what type of garage your Calgary home has to offer. All the other factors revolve on the type of door opener you choose for your Calgary home. It is essential to know the efficiency you can fetch from the door opener of your choice and if it fits within your budget.