Framing a Garage Door

Are you planning an upgrade or installation of a new garage door? It is a great move, especially if you’re trying to increase your property’s value or add some unique touch to it. Choosing a door is one step towards achieving this goal. However, upgrading to a new overhead garage door might require a framing job to ensure the perfect fit.

Framing a garage door is essential as it prepares a place to fit the garage door. Having a sturdy frame is crucial as it holds the door in place after assembling the springs, cables, and other garage door hardware. And keep in mind that the door is pretty heavy, so the framing should be done perfectly.

Making a frame for your garage door needs accuracy and skills; that’s what a DIYer should have. However, due to the complexity and preciseness required for this job, wise homeowners hire a professional contractor to do it.

What Are the Two Types of Opening for a Garage Door?

Openings for a garage door are the rough opening and the finished opening. The rough opening is supposed to be slightly wider and higher than the actual size of the garage door you are going to install. This allows for space to install the frame. The final opening is usually the same size as the garage door. It should fit in and seal properly, so you don’t have excessive heat transfers between the openings.

Depending on the type of door, it can fit into the finished opening or roll up against it. The frame for these different types of doors differs in terms of design to allow for the operating mechanism. Most garage doors are designed to fig against the final opening.

How to Frame a Garage Door

For a complete framing process, you shall have to install a header, framing to fix to the track, and a double row of side jambs. You should ensure that the center bracket of the spring is in place. Follow the below steps to install your frame correctly.

1. Gather the materials

Door framing needs several tools and utilities. You shall need a band or circular saw. You can choose to use either lumbar or PVC jambs for garage doors. The space between the header and your garage ceiling and the sides of your rough opening needs to be lined using lumber.

Garage door jambs can be made from wood or PVC. Decide on the material you shall use for your garage door. Most garage doors have their frames made out of wood, though PVC jambs perform quite well. The material you choose shall determine the dimensions of the final opening. However, the dimensions of the final opening should be tailored to make it the same as the size of your garage door.

2. Take the measurements of the rough opening.

Before installing the framing that results in the final opening, the rough opening should be larger than your door. The extra space is utilized to fit in the final framing. The height of the rough opening, that is, the distance between the floor of your garage’s rough opening to the header, should be 1 1/2 inches taller than the height of the garage door you are planning to install.

This shall make the height of the final opening exact to that of the garage door you want to install. For instance, a door that is 8″ high shall need a rough opening height of 9 1/2″.

On the other hand, the width for the rough opening should be 3″ more than that of your garage door. The header should exceed the width of the door by 9″. Therefore, for a garage door that is 12″ wide, except to have a rough opening with a width of 15″.

3. Now install the header jamb.

Jambs are the wood or PVC that is used to fit the sides of the rough opening and make up the final opening. The jambs make the final opening and should be fixed with ultimate preciseness if the garage door is going to fit. The header jamb should come first before the side jambs for proper installation.

Cut your PVC or wood jamb to the size of your rough opening’s header size. Fix the cut 2″ by 6″ lumber to the rough opening’s header using framing nails. The header should fit to cover the remaining distance between the garage door and the rough opening.

4. Measure the height from the floor of your rough opening to the ceiling.

The tracks of the garage door need a place to be attached to. Therefore, you shall need to include two frames besides the rough opening. These frames are commonly referred to as “goalposts” and run from the floor to the ceiling. Therefore, measure the distance from the floor to the ceiling and cut PVC or wood “goalposts.”

Attach the two frames beside the rough opening such that they cross the head jamb and reach the ceiling.

5. Proceed to install the side jambs.

At this point, you are ready to install the side jambs. Measure the distance from the floor of the opening to the header we installed earlier. Measure and cut an exact piece of PVC of wood lumber.

Use framing nails, fix the side jambs in place, after fixing them, the width between them should match that of your garage door. Ensure you leave a small space between the side jambs and the surface of the floor.

6. Prepare space for the center bracket.

The center bracket needs a place to attach at the top center of the door framing. Measure the distance from the installed head jamb to the ceiling. Cut that size of lumber and fox it at the center of your garage door opener running from the center of the head jamb to the ceiling.

Note that the wood you use as your lumber should not be treated. This is because treated wood eats away your screws and other metal parts of the garage door.

Hiring a professional VS DIY

Framing a garage door can be done by yourself or a professional garage door installer. Getting the tools and materials to fix the frame for yourself shall save you the extra service cost a professional needs.

However, it shall take you more time and requires skill, if you’re ready and equipped with this. You can go the DIY way. However, a professional garage door installer shall help you fix the frames and install your garage door at a convenient cost.

Framing a Garage Door - Conclusion.

You can expect the results to be amazing and fast if you hire an insured professional garage door installation agency. Framing a garage door is that easy.

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