8 Ways To Upgrade Your Garage Door

Garage doors are an unavoidable piece of the puzzle when it comes to home renovations. Planning for a garage door upgrade could make all the difference to your house, from aesthetics to overall improved functionality. Here are a few ideas that will come in handy to help you out if you want to upgrade the garage door.

How to give your garage door a facelift

1. Repaint the door

This is the easiest and cheapest way to upgrade your garage door in terms of aesthetics. You could go for fresher layers of the same color of paint, choose subtle changes, or do a complete makeover. Repainting the garage door is ideal if you already love the way doors work and want to get rid of things like chipped, faded, and cracked paint.


2. Change the color completely

You could also go all out with a proper makeover, in which case you change the entire color scheme on the garage door. Don’t shy away from trying new patterns, whether it is a checked monochrome or colorful stripes. If you are not a fan of all the flare, you could jazz things up subtly by adding contrast paint along the edges. It may seem simple, but it makes all the difference.


3. Rip out and replace the whole thing

Another way to upgrade garage door units is by completely ripping them out and replacing them. In these cases, the amount of work done is quite considerable, and you’re looking at a significant change to how your garage doors work and appear.

However, replacing also allows you to make convenient upgrades on things like more efficient operation systems, insulation, and even materials.


4. Switch to automatic operation

You could also upgrade the garage door by switching to an automatic operation system if you have been using a manual one. This makes it a lot more convenient for you to use, especially with heavy units like double garage doors.

If you already have one of these, all you have to do is have it regularly maintained and handle any necessary repairs as soon as you notice a need for them.


5. Add some window

You could also upgrade garage door units by adding some windows. This is a simple but very effective way of massively improving on the aesthetics of what was once a boring, old garage door.

These also provide natural light for garage spaces that can double as something else, whether it is a storage room or a workshop. However, consider getting them very high up to avoid compromising on privacy for the sake of aesthetics.


6. Add a quick-access door

A quick-access door makes a huge difference, especially if you use the garage for more than just car storage. This allows you to easily get in and out without having to open the entire garage door and exposing things you would rather keep private.

However, upgrading garage door designs like this requires high levels of expertise to ensure that the new unit does not interfere with previously run systems without any problems.


7. Add stick-on panels

You could also invest in stick-on panels for a hassle-free upgrade. These offer a lot more flexibility to previously plain doors without having to invest in completely new units.

This is particularly appealing if you want the wooden aesthetic without investing in expensive and often difficult-to-maintain wooden garage doors. All you need are faux or real wood panels to stick onto the existing door in such cases.


8. Get the garage door insulated

You could also upgrade the unit by getting the door insulated. This may not affect the aesthetics in any way, but it definitely makes a difference in terms of energy savings, which will pay dividends during winters and summers in Calgary. You could also get this done alongside the process of complete door replacements, in which case you could get a door that is already insulated.

Picking the right crew for the job

When it comes time to upgrade garage door aesthetics and functionality, your safest bet when it comes to getting value for your money is working with the best crew in the business. There are many options to choose from in Calgary. Here are some of the most important hallmarks of a crew worth your investment.

High level of expertise and experience

There is a lot more to upgrading a garage door than what DIY tutorials may make you think. You need a crew that understands everything from automated systems and insulation designs to different aesthetic options and how to execute them perfectly.

Upgrade options offered

The type of services under the “upgrade garage door” options given by a company should also help you determine whether or not they are worth working with. It goes without saying that the best company offers all services under one roof. That way, if you want repairs, replacements, customized pieces or whatever else, you will only have to work with one crew.

Customer reviews and results

Results will always speak for themselves. Therefore, try to find as many reviews and the photos of final results as possible. This will give you valuable insights on what to expect from people who have worked with the company before.


Price certainly matters when it comes to choosing the best company to execute your garage door upgrade in Calgary. Take your time to research different prices and get as many quotes as possible. If the deal seems too good to be true, it may be a rushed job, so keep searching. If it is too expensive, you are also better off finding more affordable options with the same level of quality. And they are definitely there.

Bottom line

You have all you need now to make an informed decision when it comes to giving your garage door a face lift. Our team is easily one of the best in garage door upgrade services in Calgary. Whether you want it painted, windows installed, or even ripped out and replaced, you can rest assured that you will be in safe hands. So check out our service options and reach out for a quote today.

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Calgary Garage Door Fix Inc.

Address: 99 Copperstone Park SE #2318, Calgary, AB T2Z 5C9, Canada

Copyright © 2024. All rights reserved.