Spring Conversion Kit


Torquemaster to Torsion Spring Conversion Kit for sale in Calgary. Quality garage door hardware from Calgary Garage Door Fix.

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Transform Your Garage Door’s Performance with Our Torsion Spring Conversion Kit!

At Calgary Garage Door Fix, we’re excited to introduce our game-changing Torsion Spring Conversion Kit, a comprehensive solution that empowers you to upgrade your garage door from a Torquemaster spring system to a Torsion spring system. This kit includes essential components, such as side bearing plates, torsion cable drums, an adjustable spring bracket, and a 1″ spacer/bearing, allowing you to experience the benefits of a Torsion spring system without the need for a complete replacement.

Kit Components:

Side Bearing Plates: Our top-quality bearing plates provide robust support for the torsion springs, ensuring a secure and balanced operation for your garage door.

Torsion Cable Drums: These cable drums are expertly designed to promote smoother cable winding and unwinding, extending the life of your cables and enhancing the overall reliability of your garage door.

Adjustable Spring Bracket: The adjustable spring bracket allows for precise tension control, enabling you to fine-tune your garage door’s balance and performance to your exact specifications.

1″ Spacer/Bearing: This spacer/bearing adds essential spacing for the torsion spring and support to your torsion system, contributing to enhanced stability and overall performance.

Please note that this conversion kit does not include a torsion shaft and spring, which must be purchased separately. However, with Calgary Garage Door Fix’s Torsion Spring Conversion Kit, you can achieve a smoother and more reliable garage door operation without the need for a complete overhaul. Elevate your garage door’s performance today! Contact us to learn more and get started on your conversion journey.


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