10 Tips for Keeping your Garage safe at all times.

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

Oftentimes, we fail to take the safety of our garage serious even though the garage is one of the most dangerous areas of a home. Not only do garages serve as storage spots for our vehicles, but they also serve as playgrounds for kids and pets, and so has to be kept safe at all times. To begin with, your garage door, being the most dangerous component of your garage has to be safely secured.

Here are 10 tips to help maintain the highest standard of safety in your garage

1. Ensure the opening/closing handle of your garage door is far beyond the reach of children. Kids are very curious in nature. To keep them from entering your garage, ensure the handle of your garage door is placed very high where their hands can’t reach it.

2. Keep your garage clean and uncluttered. To do this, sort through the items in your garage and have them stored up in cabinets and shelves. Ensure no item is kept on the floor to minimize the chances of a trip fall.

3. Have monitoring devices installed in your garage Should something go wrong in your garage, for instance, chances are you won’t notice it on time. To guard against this, install safety detectors like smoke and heat detectors in your garage.

4. Keep kids from playing with the control system of a garage. Whenever your garage’s door is open, always be on the lookout to ensure your kids do not stand or play beneath the door.

5. Wait until the garage door closes or opens before leaving. There is nothing as dangerous as passing beneath the closing door of a garage. Ensure no one in your home, including pets do this.

6. Identify and eliminate fire hazards. Most fire accidents started in the garage. This is because the garage contains oil and gasoline spills coming from a car. Steps like keeping away inflammable materials away from electricity, mopping up gasoline and oil as soon as they spill, and installing fireproof garage roofs will help reduce fire hazards.

7. Always keep your hands away from the door when it is opening or closing. Keeping your hands and fingers far away from closing or opening door minimizes the chances of securing injuries.

8. Make certain that your garage door is maintained properly at all times. Garage doors pose a great deal of threat. Reason: they are mostly operated by electricity and a little malfunctioning component can spell a fatal disaster. It is recommended you get a professional to carry out the required maintenance.

9. Avoid fixing/replacing springs of the garage door. Adjusting, repairing or replacing springs, cables and other fastened components of a garage door is very risky, and can lead to death if not done properly. Whenever the need arises, seek the help of professional technicians.

10. Keep kids from keeping their toys in a garage. Doing this ensures they have no business to do with a garage, thus guaranteeing their safety.

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