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Most homeowners pay very little attention to their overhead door springs. This often results in an urgent need for garage door spring repair. There's no other element in your entire garage door system that is more important for safe and efficient operation of your doors.


If you are having an issue with your overhead door, your springs could be at fault. Garage door springs have their lifespan, and they do break in some cases. Some garage door designs allow you to see the spring. But some manufacturers install the springs inside a metal bar, which limits the access and visibility. Most homeowners choose to install a conversion kit to be able to see the spring. In this case, they can visually identify the issue and determine if they need garage door spring repair.

Two Kinds Of Overhead door Springs

There are two different kinds of springs used in the overhead door system. Torsion springs are attached right above the closed garage door, while extension springs located over the upper tracks on both sides.

extension garage door springs.jpg
Torsion garage door springs.jpg

Garage Door Springs and Your Safety.

Overhead door springs are tightly wound, meaning they are under a great deal of tension. Being under pressure is crucial for them to perform their primary duty, which is balancing the weight of your door.

Overhead door Safety Cables.

The two types of garage door springs reviewed above work in different ways. A garage door with extension springs will have safety cords on every side of the door running through the spring and attached to the wall or ceiling. If you have extension springs on your garage door but can't identify any safety cables, call a garage door pro and get a pair mounted.

Out of Balance Springs.

The best sign of a well-functioning overhead door is that it opens and closes down smoothly and silently. To test the balance, try operating the door by hand. Disconnect the opener from your door by pulling the safety cable. Make sure you close your door prior to doing it. If the door is hard to operate, you might need garage door spring repair.

Garage Door Spring Brackets.

Overhead door springs are attached to brackets at the bottom of the door. As with the springs, those brackets are also under a great deal of tension and need only to be adjusted or otherwise serviced by a professional. Newer types of overhead doors have tamper-resistant brackets that prevent the curious but not experienced amongst us from getting into trouble.

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