5 Things to Avoid With Your Garage Door

5 things to avoid with your garage doors

By: Calgary Garage Door Fix

We all take our garage doors for granted and assume they will serve us forever, but unfortunately, garage door repairs are often required to extend their service period. Some garage door services can be pretty expensive, that's why taking good care of your overhead garage doors is the key to saving your time, money, and keeping your family safe.


Now we will share you 5 Things You Should NEVER do if you want your garage door to serve you longer.

1. Always allow your garage door to finish the cycle.

Whether it's going up or down, do not try to reverse it while it's in motion. There is a simple reason for that, some garage door openers are better than others, and they all handle these types of reversals differently. By reversing the direction of the movement, you can damage the internal gears of your opener. Unfortunately, all garage door opener manufacturers use plastic gears and other internal parts, which don't do well if you abuse them.  It doesn't mean the internals will break as soon as you interrupt the cycle, but once you start doing that on a regular basis, the time will come, and your garage door opener will fail as a result of the improper operation.

2. Newer let your overhead door to operate unlubricated.

All moving parts should be well greased to ensure the smooth operation of all moving components. As you won't drive your car with no engine oil, you shouldn't let your garage door operate without proper lubrication. Your main moving components will start falling one after another if they're not taken care of.

3. Never ignore weird noises coming from your garage door or garage door opener. 

If it doesn't sound right, have a closer look or call someone who can inspect it for you. Usually, strange noizes are your first indicators that something bad might be brewing. Some garage door systems hiding garage door spring inside the tube that goes across the door, and you can't really see those. If those springs aren't in good shape, it can cause additional damage to your opener. If you hear any weird noises while your door is in motion, do your best to locate the origin of that noise. In case you couldn't find the issue, we strongly recommend you contacting your local garage door contractor.

4. Don't leave your garage door without motion for a long period of time.

Overhead doors were designed to be in motion, so even if you don't actually need to park your vehicle or drive out, it is a good practice to run a full open/close cycle at least once a day. It will ensure that all door parts are well lubricated for the next operation. Especially in cold winter conditions like we have here in Calgary AB.

5. If you can see any worn out parts, such as cables or rollers, you should immediately take care of it and get it fixed.

Of course, no one likes unexpected expenses, but it's better to be safe than sorry. If any of your garage door components require repair or replacement, it's a great idea to replace it ahead of the time.

If you will follow our advice, you can be sure, your garage door will live much longer!

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