10 Tips To Keep Your Garage Safe

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By: Calgary Garage Door Fix

Oftentimes, we fail to take the safety of our garage seriously even though the garage is one of the most dangerous areas of any home. Not only do garages serve as storage spots for our vehicles, but they also serve as playgrounds for kids and pets, and so has to be kept safe at all times. To begin with, your garage door, being the most dangerous component of your garage has to be in good working order. At any cost, do not allow your kids to play with your garage door. It is an extremely heavy moving piece that can cause serious injury or even death. Please don't allow your kids to play with your doors.

Here are 10 tips to help maintain the highest standard of safety in your garage.

1. Ensure the opening/closing handle or button of your garage door is far beyond the reach of children. Kids are very curious in nature, and they will definitely feel curious about that huge door that goes up and down all the time. Please make sure they don't have access to your garage door remote or wall button so they can't play with it. The garage door is not a toy and it can cause severe injuries. Make sure that if you allow your kids to play in your garage, they are well educated about the dangers of improper garage door use.

2. Keep your garage clean and uncluttered. To do this, sort through the items in your garage and have them stored up in cabinets and shelves. Ensure no item is kept on the floor to minimize the chances of a trip fall. Also, try to avoid storing your belongings in the corners near the garage door. Safety sensors are usually located right in that area and you can easily bump into one of them, disabling your opener. Your garage door simply won't close if your sensors aren't aligned. 

3. Have monitoring devices installed in your garage. Should something go wrong in your garage, chances are you won’t notice it on time. Lots of home fires start from there. Improper storage of flammable materials, firearms and other hazards. To guard against this, install safety detectors like smoke and heat detectors, or even home security system in your garage.

4. Keep kids from playing with the control system of a garage. Whenever your garage’s door is open, always be on the lookout to ensure your kids do not stand or play beneath the door. Even though all modern openers should be equipped with safety sensors, you don't want to count on them when it comes to your kid's safety. Make sure they stay away from the door at all times. 

5. Wait until the garage door closes or opens before leaving. If you want to keep your home safe, develop a habit of maintaining eye contact with your garage door until it's fully raised or closed. Oftentimes the door will get to a certain point on the way down and will bounce right up without you even noticing. If something interrupts the sensors, your door won't close, and if you've left for work without noticing, your garage will stay wide open for everyone until you're back. Having a MyQ enabled Liftmaster opener would give you an option to see that your door is open and allow you to shut it from your mobile app.

6. Identify and eliminate fire hazards. Most fire accidents started in the garage. This is because the garage contains oil and gasoline spills coming from a car. Other chemicals that we don't want to store at home often find their place in our garage. Steps like keeping away inflammable materials away from electricity, mopping up gasoline and oil as soon as they spill, and installing smoke detectors will help to keep your property safe.

7. Always keep your hands away from the garage door when it is opening or closing. Keeping your hands and fingers far away from closing or opening garage door minimizes the chances of securing injuries. People losing their fingers as a result of negligence every day. Stay alert and keep your hands away when the door is in motion.

8. Make certain that your garage door is maintained properly at all times. Garage doors pose a great deal of threat. There are dozens of different components that contribute to the proper operation of the door. Some of them are fairly simple and pose no danger, but others, like springs can cause fatal injuries. Make sure you hire a garage door contractor if you feel that your garage door doesn't work properly. DIY solutions can often result in even more damage.

9. Avoid fixing/replacing the springs of the garage door. Adjusting, repairing or replacing springs, cables, and other fastened components of a garage door is very risky and can lead to injury or death if not done properly. Whenever the need arises, seek the help of professional technicians.

10. Keep kids from keeping their toys in a garage. Doing this ensures they have no business to do with a garage, thus guaranteeing their safety.

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